The SI Metric Prefixes

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The Standard Prefixes for Metric SI Units

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Pico p \[1X10^{-12}\]
Nano n \[1X10^{-9}\]
Micro µ \[1X10^{-6}\]
Milli m \[1X10^{-3}\]
Centi c \[1X10^{-2}\]
Deci d \[1X10^{-1}\]
Deca da \[1X10^1\]
Hecto h \[1X10^2\]
Kilo k \[1X10^3\]
Mega M \[1X10^6\]
Giga G \[1X10^9\]
Tera T \[1X10^{12}\]
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