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Name the New England colonies. Masssachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Connecticut
Name the Middle Colonies. New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania
Name the Southern Colonies. Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia and Virginia
What was the population of the colonies by 1763 vs in Briain? 2 million in America vs 7.5 million in Britain
Why did the American population grow so quickly? Lots of immigration from Europe The importation of slaves from Africa High birth rate Low death rate
What were propietary colonies? Proprietary colonies were colonies ruled by one family such as the Calverts in Maryland and the Penns in Pennsylvania.
What was a corporate colony? Corporate colonies were colonies where the governor was popularly elected. Examples were Rhode Island and Connecticut in the North, reflecting the democratic traditions in New England/
What was a crown colony? A colony where the governor was directly chosen by the English monarch.
What was salutary neglect and why did Britain follow it? A system of rule where British rule did not really impact the American colonists. Britain followed it due to the time it took for messages to reach the colonies and the costs associated with direct rule over colonies so far away.
Why could it be argued that the American colonies were democratic? 50% of adult white men could vote vs only 15% in Britain Corporate colonies had elected governors Lower houses of colonial assemblies were elected by the people
Why could it be argued that the American colonies were non-democratic? Only adult white males with sufficient property were eligible to vote. Property qualifications for holding office were high. American laws were revised by the Privy Council in Britain. Upper house of colonial assemblies not elected.
From where whicg European countries was there significant immigration, causing the American population to rapidly increase? Scotland Ireland The Netherlands Sweden German France (Hugenots escaping persecution)
Why were the American colonies considered to be a "melting pot"? There were many people of different cultures living together, meaning that there was relative tolerance because no religious denomination dominated.
What was the British economic system used to deal with the American colonies? What did this system entail? Mercantilism. Britain keeping the growth of the American colonies in check by imposing tariffs and creating enumerated commodities.
What were enumerated commodities? Give 2 examples of enumerated commodities. Products which could only be shipped to Britain or British colonies.
Give 3 examples of British Acts of Parliament designed to limit colonial production. Hat Act Wool Act Iron Act
What were the main exports of the Southern colonies? Labour-intensive crops such as indigo, cotton and tobacco.
What were the main trades of the New England colonies? Fishing and Timber.
What was the main trade of the Middle colonies? Shipping
What was the benefit of mercantilism on the American colonies? Beneficial because it provided them with a protected market whilst the more negative aspects of the system were simply ignored.
Why did colonial America have a large middle class? Most immigrants came to America with similar levels of wealth.
How did American society compare to British society? American society had a larger middle class and was less hierarchical.
What percentage of Americans were church-goers in 1775? What did show about religion in the colonies vs in Britain? 74% More people were religious in the colonies, but nonetheless, there was still less discrimination.
What was the Great Awakening and what was its impact? The Great Awakening was a religious revival which cause American colonists to seek a more personal relationship with God.
How many universities were there in the colnies by 1763 vs in Britain? 9 vs 4.
What percentage of adult white males were literate in 1763 in America vs in Britain? 75% in America vs 60% in Britain.
What was British society like by 1763? Very hierarchical with very little social mobility between the classes. The nobility used titles to distinguish themselves.
What was Britain's economic position by 1763? Britain was the world's foremost trading nation due to its influence in the Industrial Revolution.
Which British cities experienced mass growth throughout th 1760s? Birmingham, Manchester and London.
How many towns did colonial America have by 1763? 5
Give evidence the Britain and the American colonies had a weakening relationship by 1763. British mercantilism was stunting American economic growth and caused some recession American soldiers felt belittled by British ones in the 7 Years War The Peace of Paris was unpopular The English core of the original settlers was eroding due to immigration
Give evidence that there was a strong relationship between Britain and the American colonies by 1763. Britain trusted the Americans so gave them significant autonomy. Mercantilism gave Britain a protected market. There was no sense of American nationalism. British and American forces had combined to secure victory in the war
Give evidence that the American colonies were dependent on Britain by 1763. Crown colonies had their governors appointed and dismissed by the monarch. Britain was the most important creditor and trade partner. English language and common law prevailed.
Give evidence that the British colonies were not dependent on Britain by 1763. Corporate colonies had elected governors. Salutary neglect. Cultural distinctions. Clear structure of government in the colonies with limited British influence.
What caused the Seven Years War? French-Indian ambushes aggravated the British so Britain decided to retaliate as the Americans could not solve the problem themselves.
Between what years was the Seven Years War? 1756-1763
What was the peace treaty called and what did it dictate? The 1763 Peace of Paris Britain retained French Canada, Florida and several French-Caribbean islands
What were the consequences of the Seven Years War? Future American soldiers for the Continental Army were trained. Colonial officers gained a negative perception of their British counterparts. Made many ambitious for westward expansion. Reduced American reliance on Britain.
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