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giotto-_scrovegni_chapel.jpg (image/jpg) Giotto di Bondone, Scrovegni Chapel, 1305-1306, Padua, Italy
pisano-_baptistery_pulpit.jpg (image/jpg) Nicola Pisano, Baptistery Pulpit, 1259-1260, Pisa, Italy
duccio-_maesta.jpg (image/jpg) Duccio, Maesta altarpiece, 1308-11, Siena, Italy
cathedral_of_santa_maria_del_fiore.jpg (image/jpg) di Cambio and Brunelleschi, Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore, begun 1296 finished in 1436, Florence, Italy
flagellation_north_doors.jpg (image/jpg) Ghiberti, "Flagellation" from the north doors of the Baptistery of San Giovanni, 1403-24, Florence, Italy
st_mark_donatello.jpg (image/jpg) Donatello, St. Mark, c. 1411-13, Orsanmichele, Florence, Italy
saintgeorge.jpg (image/jpg) Donatello, St. George and the Dragon, c. 1417, Orsanmichele, Florence, Italy
merode_ltarpiece.jpg (image/jpg) Master of Flemalle, Merode Altarpiece, c. 1425-28, The Cloisters (met), NY
arnolfini_portrait.jpg (image/jpg) Jan van Eyck, Giovanni Arnolfini and His Wife, 1434, National Gallery, London
07-Madonna-of-Chancellor-Rolin-by-Jan-Van-Eyck.jpg (image/jpg) Jan van Eyck, Madonna of Chancellor Rolin, c. 1433-34, Louvre, Paris
ghibert_sons_of_isaac_east_doors.jpg (image/jpg) Ghiberti, "Isaac and his Sons" from the East doors of the Baptistery of San Giovanni, 1425-52, Florence, Italy
feast_of_hero.jpg (image/jpg) Donatello, Feast of Herod on the baptismal font of Siena Cathedral, c. 1423-27, Siena, Italy
donatello_david.jpg (image/jpg) Donatello, David, c. 1440-1460, Florence, Italy
gattamelata.jpg (image/jpg) Donatello, Gattamelata, c. 1445-53, Padua, Italy
Fabriano_Strozzi_Altarpiece.jpg (image/jpg) Fabriano, Strozzi Altarpiece, 1423, Uffizi Florence, Italy
brancacci_chapel.jpg (image/jpg) Masaccio, Brancacci Chapel, c. 1424-27, Florence, Italy
pitti_tondo.jpg (image/jpg) Fra Filippo Lippi, Pitti Tondo, c. 1452, Florence, Italy
brunelleschi-_church_of_san_lorenzo.png (image/png) Brunelleschi, Church of San Lorenzo, c.1420s, Florence, Italy
medici_palace.jpg (image/jpg) Michelozzo di Bartolomeo, Medici Palace, begun 1445, Florence, Italy
portinari_tryptich.jpg (image/jpg) Hugo van der Goes, Portinari Altarpiece, 1476, Uffizi Florence, Italy
primavera.gif (image/gif) Botticelli, Primavera, c. 1482, Uffizi Florence, Italy
Madonna_and_Child_-_Lippi.jpg (image/jpg) Fra Filippo Lippi, Madonna and Child with Angels, c. 1460-65, Uffizi Florence, Italy
the_birth_of_venus.jpg (image/jpg) Botticelli, The Birth of Venus, c. 1484-86, Uffizi, Florence
battista_sforza_and_montefeltro.jpg (image/jpg) Piero della Francesca, Battista Sforza and Federico da Montefeltro, c. 1472-74, Uffizi, Florence
46.leon_battista_alberti_interior_of_church_of_sant__andrea_mantua1330537054430.jpg (image/jpg) Alberti, Church of Sant'Andrea, begun 1472, Mantua Italy
Botticelli_Uffizi_37.jpg (image/jpg) Botticelli, Madonna of the Magnificat, c. 1485, Florence, Italy
modest_venus.jpg (image/jpg) Praxiteles, "Modest Venus" -Prototype for Masaccio's Expulsion of Adam and Eve
spear_bearer.jpg (image/jpg) Polykleitos, Spear Bearer -Prototype for Donatello's David
marcus_aurelius.jpg (image/jpg) Statue of Marcus Aurelius -Prototype for Donatello's Gattamelata
constantine.jpg (image/jpg) Triumphal Arch of Constantine -Prototype for the Alberti Church of Sant'Andrea
phaedra_sarcophagus1318519034680.jpg (image/jpg) "Phaedra and Hercules" on a Roman sarcophagus -Prototype for Pisano's pulpit reliefs
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