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Educational Talent Search


Help middle school students understand the benefits of participating in educational talent search
Christy Dinkins-Jackson
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Educational Talent Search The Office of Educational Opportunity Georgia State University Post-secondary Outreach Program Mission: Motivate middle and high school level students to stay in school while encouraging their pursuit of post-secondary education
Academic Advisement Early Awareness Activities Course Selection College Pre-Enrollment Academic Admission Requirements (HS) Academic Advisement Workshops for Families High School and College Adjustment Seminars Standardized Test Administration Procedures Referrals to Dropout Prevention Education Programs
Academic Assessments Assess participants' educational needs
Career Counseling and Assessments Career Exploration Career Counseling Achievement Assessment
College Entrance Exam Preparation College Application Fee Waivers Standardized Test Prep Workshops Testing Information for Parents
College Admissions and Financial Aid Application Assistance Complete College Admissions Applications Complete Financial Aid Applications Goal: Increase the number of ETS Participants who apply for financial aid and successfully enroll at a post-secondary institution
College Visitation Tour and Cultural Trips Exposure to College Campuses, Cultural Sites and for Career Investigation Designed to motivate participants to stay in school, graduate and enroll at a post-secondary institution Goals: Show the benefits of college campus life Increase awareness of the potential of higher education successfully enriching their lives
Counseling Any type of academic, financial or career counseling in which participants may express or demonstrate need
What are the Requirements? Ages 11-27 Need for the project services US Citizen Enrolled in a DeKalb County Middle/High School Non-student desiring to renew education Potential 1st generation college student Low income student status
DeKalb County Target Middle Schools Columbia Middle School Miller Grove Middle School Ronald E. McNair Middle School Salem Middle School
DeKalb County Target High Schools Columbia High School Miller Grove High School Martin Luther King, Jr. High School Ronald E. McNair High School
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