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A concept map exploring Stars - designed for Ms. Reilly's 8th grade science class

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1 Properties of stars
1.1 Brightness
1.1.1 Absolute Brightness How bright a star actually is
1.1.2 Apparent Brightness Decreases as distance increases How bright a star appears from Earth
1.2 Color and Temperature
1.2.1 Surface Temperature determines color
1.2.2 Blue = Hot
1.2.3 Red = cool
1.3 Size and Mass
1.3.1 Volume is based on temp and Abs. Brightness
1.3.2 Gravitational interactions determine mass
1.3.3 Positive correlation between Abs Brightness and mass
1.3.4 Mass determines Life Cycle
1.4 Composition
1.4.1 Primarily H and He
1.4.2 Measure other elements with Spectral Analysis Absorption Lines Emission Lines
2 Determining Distance to Stars
2.1 Stars are lightyears away
2.2 Astronomers measure parallax
3 Life Cycle of Stars
3.1 Formation of Stars
3.1.1 Solar Nebula Collabses Protostar forms at the center When Temperature and pressure is high enough, nuclear fusion begins
3.2 Main Sequence Stars
3.2.1 Stars spend 90% of their life here
3.2.2 Hydrogen Fusion int eh Core
3.3 Death of a Star
3.3.1 When the star fuses all H in core into He
3.3.2 Path Dependent on Mass Low/ Medium Mass Star Red Giant while fusing He Release gases - Planetary Nebula White Dwarf High Mass Star Mass more than 8x that of sun Fuses more elements than He because temp/pressure in core are high enough grow into supergiants Supernova - Violent explosion of dying star Ejects heavy elements into space Core collapses into Neutron Star Spinning Neutron Star = Pulsar Black Hole Gravity causes collapse beyond neutron star Come from extremely massive stars Surface Gravity so great not even EM waves can escape dies quickly bc it burns fuel quickly
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