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OSI Model


A basic set of cards to help you get through the OSI model.
Matt Burkes
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End User Layer Application
Syntax Layer Presentation
Synch & send to ports Session
TCP Transport
Packets Network
Frames Data Link
Physical Structures Physical
Program that opens what was sent or creates what is to be sent Application
encrypt & decrypt Presentation
Logical Ports Session
Host to Host, Flow Control Transport
"letter", Contains IP address Network
"envelopes", contains MAC address Data Link
cables, hubs, etc. Physical
resource sharing Application
Remote File Access Application
Remote Printer Access Application
Directory services Application
Network Management Application
Character code translation Presentation
Data Conversion Presentation
Data Compression Presentation
Data Encryption Presentation
Character Set Translation Presentation
Session Establishment Session
Maintenance and termination Session
Session support Session
perform security Session
name recognition Session
logging Session
Message segmentation Transport
Message Acknowledment Transport
Message Traffic Control Transport
Session Multiplexing Transport
Routing Network
Subnet traffic control Network
Frame fragmentation Network
Logical-physical address mapping Network
Subnet usage accounting Network
Establishes & terminates the logical link between nodes Data Link
Frame Traffic Control Data Link
Frame Sequencing Data Link
Frame acknowledgment Data Link
Frame delimiting Data Link
Frame error checking Data Link
Media Access Control Data Link
Data Encoding Physical
Physical Medium Attachment Physical
Transmission technique Physical
Baseband or broadband Physical
Physical medium transmission Bits and Volts Physical
Land Based Layer(s) Data Link & Physical
User Application Application
SMTP Application
JPEG/ASCII/TIFF Presentation
Logical Ports Session
RPC/SQL Session
NetBIOS Session
TCP & UDP Transport
SPX Transport
Routers Network
Switch Data Link
Bridge Data Link
WAP Data Link
PPP/SLIP Data Link
HUB Physical
Open source Interconnection OSI
First Physical
Second Data Link
Third Network
Fourth Transport
Fifth Session
Sixth Presentation
Seventh Application
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