Ch1 - The nature of IT Projects

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Summary Chapter 1 - Information Technology Project Management - Jack T. Marchewka

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Ch1 - The nature of IT Projects
1 The Software Crisis
1.1 Why IT Projects Fail?
1.1.1 Factors of Success user involvement executive management support clear statement of requirements
1.1.2 Fail Factors lack of user involvement incomplete requirements
1.2 Improving the Likelihood of Success
1.2.1 Socio Technical Approach
1.2.2 A project management approach Ressources Expectations Competition Efficiency and Effectiveness
1.2.3 Knowledge Management Approach Knowledge management Best practices
2 The context of project management
2.1 What is a project
2.1.1 Time frame beginning and end
2.1.2 Purpose
2.1.3 Ownership
2.1.4 Ressources Scope Schedule Budget
2.1.5 Roles Project Manager Project Sponsor Subjet Matter Experts Technical Experts
2.1.6 Risks and Assumptions
2.1.7 Interdependent Tasks
2.1.8 Organizational Change
2.1.9 Operating in an Environment larger than the project Itself
3 The Project Life Cycle and IT Development
3.1 Define Project Goal
3.2 Plan Project
3.3 Execute Project Plan
3.4 Close Project
3.5 Evaluate Project
4 IT Project Life Cycle
4.1 Planning
4.2 Analysis
4.3 Design
4.4 Implementation
4.5 Maintenance and Support
4.6 Putting in Practice SDLC
4.6.1 Structured Approach to System Development Waterfall method
4.6.2 Rapid Application Development RAD Prototypping Spiral Development Extreme Programming XP
5 The project Management Body of Knowledge PMBOK
5.1 Project Integration Management
5.2 Project Scope Management
5.3 Project Time Management
5.4 Project Cost Management
5.5 Project Quality Management
5.6 Project Communication Management
5.7 Project Risk Management
5.8 Project Procurement Management

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