Dermatitis / Eczema

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Identification of Dermatitis

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Discoid Dermatitis - Role of central heating - Avoid soaps - Potent or superpotent TCS (topical cortico-steroid) (Dermovate) then potent TCS (Betnovate) - Cream or ointment? - Emulsifying oint or 50/50 WSLP or emolin 50/50 spray. Discoid Dermatitis (binary/octet-stream)
Seborrhoeic dermatitis - Dandruff - Yeast thought to be partly to blame Treatment usually a combination of: - Topical low potency steroid cream - Anti-fungal cream - Shampoo (Selsun, ketoconazole) - Oral anti-fungal Seborrhoeic Dermatitis (binary/octet-stream)
Varicose eczema - Assess for venous disease generally - Doppler - Scan - Compression Topical steroids +/- anti-infectives Watch out for contact allergy - Patch test Varicose Eczema (binary/octet-stream)
Asteototic eczema - Associated with increasing age - Worse in cold weather - Made worse by soaps, detergents and frequent washing. - Treat with emollients - (and if needed steroid creams) Asteototic Eczema (binary/octet-stream)
Chronic actinic dermatitis - Broad spectrum sunscreens SPF50 - Top steroids - Top tacrolimus/pimecrolimus - Cya, MTX, aza Chronic Actinic Dermatitis (binary/octet-stream)
Hand and foot eczema - Common (lifetime prevalence 15%) - Stubborn - Highly restricting (affects quality of life = asthma & psoriasis, medical consultations in 70%) - Endogenous factors - Primary irritant factors - Contact allergic factors (patch test) Hand And Foot Eczema (binary/octet-stream)
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