Irritant Contact Dermatitis

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Irritant Contact Dermatitis
  1. Adaptive Responses to alterations
    1. Hardening of the skin after repeated exposure to the irritant
      1. Hardened, accommodated skin has a thicker stratum layer
        1. slight sheen or glossy appearance
          1. small loss of elasticity
        2. Risk Factors
          1. Occupational hazard of any worker that handles irritants (chemicals, detergents, soaps, dyes, etc) or come incontact with the environment
          2. Pathophysiology
            1. Break in the skin barrier
              1. allergen binds to the carrier protein
                1. The bound allergen/protein introduced to T cells and becomes sensitized to the antigen
                  1. Cytokines released and dermatitis arrises
            2. Epidemiology
              1. Occupational Hazard
                1. repeated handwashing
                  1. repeated skin exposure to irritants
                  2. Environmental Hazards
                    1. Amount/strength of the irritant
                      1. Length and frequency of exposure
                        1. Skin condition (thick, thin, oily, fair, previous damage, or prexisting atopic tendency)
                          1. High/low temperatures or humidity
                        2. Clinical Presentation
                          1. Redness
                            1. Cracked skin
                              1. dryness
                                1. Inflammed
                                  1. Thickened
                                  2. Diagnosis
                                    1. Thorough clinical examination and history
                                      1. No specific testing for diagnosis
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