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Flower/Fruit Terminology + Identification


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Hypogynous Ovary is superior, rests above perianth
Epigynous Ovary is inferior, rests below perianth
Perigynous Ovary is fused to receptacle, neither superior nor inferior; hypanthium
Dicot Flowers Petals/parts in multiples of 2 or 5
Monocot flowers petals/parts in multiples of 3
Actinomorphic Regularly radially symmetrical flower
Zygomorphic Bilaterally symetrical
Complete contains all parts
Incomplete is missing 1 or more parts
Perfect Has both male and female structures
Imperfect Lacks either male or female structures
Carpel Female reproductive structure
Stamen Male reproductive structure
Stigma Spongy tip of carpel that catches pollen
Style Tube that leads from stigma to ovary
Ovary Female structure that contains eggs (ovules); becomes fruit
Filament Stalk that holds anther
Anther Male structure that produces pollen grains
Petals Main colorful parts of flower
Sepals Outgrowths below the petals
Tepals Undifferentiated petals and sepals
Corolla Whorl of petals
Calyx Whorl of sepals
Perianth Combined calyx and corolla
Receptacle Fleshy base holding flower on pedicel
Pedicel Stalk holding flower
Inflorescence Arrangement of flowers
Peduncle Stalk holding pedicels
Compound umbel
Fruit Structure that contains the seed
Fleshy Fruit that has fleshy, moist pericarp
Dry Fruit that has a dry, often hard pericarp
Dehiscent Dry fruit that splits open on maturity e.g. okra (capsule); bean pods (silique/legume)
Indehiscent Dry fruit that does not split open upon maturity e.g. nuts (acorns, etc.); caryopsis (grain); achene (sunflower seed); samara (winged)
Berry Fleshy fruit with thin skin, seeds dispersed throughout e.g. banana, tomato, blueberry
Pepo Modified type of berry with a thick rind e.g. watermelon, pumpkin, etc.
Hesperidium Modified type of berry with leathery skin, oil pores, and segments e.g. citrus fruit
Pomme Accessory fruit of papery flesh made of receptacle with small seeds in the core e.g. apple, pear, etc.
Drupe Fleshy fruit with one hard seed in the center e.g. peach, plum, raspberry, etc.
Accessory Fruit Fruit that consists partially of plant structures other than the ovary e.g. apples, strawberries, etc.
Aggregate Fruit Structures of more than one fruit made from multiple carpels of one flower e.g. strawberry, blackberry, etc.
Multiple fruit Structure of more than one fruit consisting of fruit made from more than one flower e.g. pineapple, etc.
Endocarp Innermost part of fruit, surrounding seed
Mesocarp Middle part of fruit
Exocarp Outermost part of fruit
Pericarp All parts of fruit (endocarp, mesocarp, exocarp)
Locule Chambers of the ovary
Involocre The bracts on the base of the receptacle, become the top part of acorn
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