English Grammatical Terminology

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Fionnghuala Malone
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Adjectives Describing Words
Adverbs Give more information about verbs. Normally end in 'ly'
Affixes Not words themselves, but are attached to words. Prefixes - at the beginning Suffixes -at the end
Antonym Words with an opposite meaning
Articles Definite - The Indefinite - A
Comparative Adjective that indicates the quality denoted is possessed to a greater extent
Connectives Conjunctions - Words that link phrases or clauses
Common Noun Name of an everyday thing - pen, grass, shoe
Proper Noun Word which names a specific person, place or occasion
Concrete Noun Something tangible you can see, touch. - face, desk, wind
Abstract Noun Idea, concept, emotion or event
Collective Noun Groups of people or objects
Prepositions Show relationships between words in a sentence
Pronouns Stand in the place of nouns. Personal pronouns - first, second or third person Unattributed pronouns - may cause confusion
Simple sentence Contains one main clause
Compound sentence Two clauses joined by and or but
Complex Sentence A main clause and one or more subordinate clauses usually joined by a conjunction
Synonyms Words with a similar meaning
Verbs Doing word