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Grown DEFINITION:to become larger by the process of natural development; increase. to develop well; flourish. to gradually become. to arise or originate. SENTENCES: he has grown.
Initials DEFINITION: of the beginning; first. SENTENCES: I love the initials of that girl.
Speech DEFINITION: the faculty of communicating by speaking, or the act of speaking. something that is communicated by speaking. SENTENCES: she talks too much in class.
Tombstones DEFINITION: a usually engraved stone marker for a tomb or grave; gravestone. SENTENCES:they must clean the tombstones twice a week.
Took DEFINITION: to cause to be in one's hands; grasp. SENTENCES: he grabbed the ball.
Opening -DEFINITION: allowing entry or access; not shut, enclosed, or fastened -SENTENCES: the shop is opening at 4:00 p.m.
Basement DEFINITION: the lowermost space in a building, usually partly underground. SENTENCES:I'm afraid to go down to the basement.
Flashing DEFINITION:a sudden, brilliant light that vanishes almost instantly. a sudden, brilliant display, as of emotion, talent, or understanding. a very short amount of time; instant. SENTENCES:she is very Flashing.
Ghosts DEFINITION:the spirit of someone who has died, especially one that is believed to have returned to earth to haunt a place or living people. SENTENCES:the ghosts are something I can not believe.
Damage DEFINITION:harm or injury that reduces usefulness, value, or soundness. (plural) in law, money claimed or paid as compensation for injury or loss. SENTENCES: Pedro stops damaging your aunt's car.
Marble DEFINITION:a crystalline limestone, found in many colors and varieties, that can be cut and polished to a hard, shiny surface. SENTENCES: the marble that I decided to buy loved it.
Graveyards DEFINITION:a tract of ground for burying the dead; cemetery. SENTENCES:the Graveyards are very terrifying places.
Buried DEFINITION:to cover in the ground with dirt. to put (a dead body) in a grave or tomb, or in the sea. SENTENCES:he was buried until after Monday.
Stood DEFINITION:to assume or maintain an erect position on one's feet (often followed by up). SENTENCES: he is a most Stood student.
secured DEFINITION:free from fear or danger. free from care, worry, or anxiety. well-established and able to be relied on; steady; dependable. SENTENCES:he feels very secured.
Packed DEFINITION:a container for goods or belongings, usually flexible and carried on the back. SENTENCES:my glass is too Packed.
Cast DEFINITION:to throw or fling. to direct (one's eyes, or a look or glance). SENTENCES: Cast all this is a bad idea.
Resemble DEFINITION:to have a similar nature or have a likeness to. SENTENCES: resemble your dog.
Purpose DEFINITION:a reason or plan guiding an action; motive or intention. SENTENCES: they have a great purpose.
Denied DEFINITION:to declare (something) false; refuse to agree with or admit; dispute; contradict. SENTENCES: my curriculum was denied.
Coarse DEFINITION:of poor or faulty quality. having large grains or particles, or a rough texture. SENTENCES: this book is very Coarse
Unbrushed DEFINITION: combined form of brushed.
Carved DEFINITION: to form or inscribe by cutting. to slice or cut into pieces SENTENCES: fascinated me the carving of the church
Unruly DEFINITION:not submitting readily to rule or restriction; difficult or impossible to control; wild. SENTENCES:he is a Unruly child
Own DEFINITION:belonging to oneself or itself alone. SENTENCES: are that own doll
Simply DEFINITION:made of only one part or thing; unmixed. consisting of few parts or things, or consisting of only essential things. SENTENCES:simply Makes me crazy
Trying DEFINITION:to attempt through deliberate effort. to sample, test, or taste the effectiveness or quality of. SENTENCES:He is very Trying with me
Toe DEFINITION:one of the jointed extensions on the end of the foot in humans and other vertebrates. SENTENCES: my toe hurts
Detailed DEFINITION:a small item; specific aspect; particular. all the particulars of something considered together. SENTENCES: He was very detailed in his presentation
Myths DEFINITION: a story or body of stories based on tradition or legend, originating in the oral history of a preliterate society and incorporating its beliefs about the origins of the world, the causes of natural events, and the origins of the society's customs and practices. SENTENCES: Last night they told several myths
Commander DEFINITION:one who leads and controls. an officer who leads a military unit. in the U.S. Navy, the rank below captain. SENTENCES:the commander demanded too much
Tufts DEFINITION:a cluster or clump of long strands that are attached at one end and loose at the other, as of yarn, hair, or grass. SENTENCES:his Tufts is very colorful
Confederate DEFINITION:(capitalized) of or referring to the eleven southern states that seceded from the United States in 1860-61. SENTENCES: he is confederate
Heights DEFINITION:vertical extent or altitude; distance up. tallness, especially of a human. SENTENCES:I'm afraid of height
Inches DEFINITION:a unit of length equal to one twelfth of a foot or 2.54 centimeters. (abbr.: in.) a small indefinite amount. SENTENCES:We have to do the work in inches
Metric DEFINITION:of or pertaining to the system of measurement based on the meter.
Building DEFINITION:to create by joining various parts and materials; construct. to form or create. SENTENCES:It's the tallest building I've seen
Chosen DEFINITION:to select from two or more alternatives. to decide (often followed by to). SENTENCES: he was the chosen one
Sculpt DEFINITION:to make (a sculpture), as by carving, chiseling, or molding. SENTENCES: I love Sculpt statues
Fought DEFINITION:a battle, struggle, or angry disagreement. a boxing match. he been fighting a lot
Dwarfed DEFINITION:a much smaller than average person, especially if proportioned so that legs are shorter than torso.
Bronze DEFINITION:an alloy consisting mainly of copper and tin. a reddish brown color like that of the metal. SENTENCES: the keys are bronze
Wood DEFINITION:the hard substance lying under the bark that composes the trunk and branches of a tree. SENTENCES: that wood was well carved
Inaugural DEFINITION:marking or celebrating the beginning of something, such as a publication or new venture. SENTENCES: I went to the Inaugural of the museum
Halls DEFINITION:a narrow passageway in a building; corridor. a large room or public building for meetings or social gatherings. SENTENCES: we will go down the hall
Showed DEFINITION:to cause or allow to be seen. to clarify, as by example; explain. to direct. SENTENCES: He showed me the truth
Carvers DEFINITION:to form or inscribe by cutting. to slice or cut into pieces. to create for oneself through much effort (usually followed by out). SENTENCES: they are great carvers
Bottom DEFINITION:the lowest or deepest point of something. the underlying area; underside. the source; essence. SENTENCES: today touch bottom with the
Putty DEFINITION: a strip of cloth wound spirally or other legging used by soldiers, horse riders, and the like to cover the lower leg SENTENCES: I love playing with putty
Changing DEFINITION: to alter the content or form of. to cause to have a completely different form (usually followed by to or into). SENTENCES: I'm changing my character
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