Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage


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Define Cloud Computing... This means using computer services on another organisation's computers, which are known as hosts. The services are provided by organisations known as hosting companies.
Name some well-known hosting companies for cloud computing... There are Amazon, Microsoft, Google and Rackspace.
How can cloud users access software? Cloud users can access software, data and storage on the host computers, which will be at a remote location, through a web browser or mobile app. This is without ever directly accessing the servers that the information is stored on.
What is cloud storage? Related to cloud computing- it is where only the storage, access and retrieval facilities are provided by the host provider, often via the internet.
Explain the cost and conveniences of cloud computing/storage... You only pay for the storage that you have used. You don't have to provide and maintain the hardware locally.
What's the availability related to cloud computing/storage? Data and files may be available anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.
What concern is there involving the reliability of cloud computing/storage? You need to be able to get through to the host to access and process data.
State to problem with some cloud computing/storage and software... The host might not be using the latest, fastest and most secure version.
Describe the concern of the security of data on cloud computing/storage... As the files are being stored by the host, you have no control over them. You need to be aware of their security terms and policies.
What concern is there about the potentially lower performance of cloud computing/storage? The speed of retrieval of data may be slower than it would be on a local database held in-house.
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