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Context Exchange - Getting data from the bms to the company module - Automated process - Synchronous communication - Reduces broker workload
Bloc Retour - Asynchronous communication - Mostly from company to broker - Exception is M202, context exchange, ... - Ad hoc or in batch - Telebib2 structure
Coverage -Risks that are insured by the policy holder -For each product we have different coverages -Each company defines own set of coverages -Premium is partly based on the coverages - Usually offered in a package
V-Connect - Big monolithic java front application - Used by broker for all branches and all actions - Also contains library and information
Tango - Front application for agents - Vconnect equivalent - Not telebib compliant - Homepage is on liferay
NLBT - Non Life Business Transformation - Migrate from mainframe to new backend - New System = Guidewire - Project - Phase One = Vehicle
BMS - Broker Management System - Package to handle all actions, including accountancy, CRM, Policies and Claims - Brio, Insusoft, Sigura - Enrichable by Bloc Retour - Can provide info through Context Exchange
LifeRay - Portal - CMS - Opensource technology - DMZ - Application Deployment - Personalisation - Licenses ...
MIG - Message Implementation Guide - Assuralia - Edifact messages structure - Telebib 2 (found online) - Belgian Insurance Standard
MSB - Message Sinistres / SchadeBericht - MIG M0203 / M0207 - Gives info or asks info to a broker regarding a claim - Has the same legal authority as a registered letter
Prenot - Receipt that indicates what the customer has to pay for his policy - Payment frequency monthly, yearly, ... - Can be payed to the broker or company - M0304 - Batch Process
Currac - Current Account - Checksum of all made payments for Broker - Follows the Prenots, payments for Claims, &c - Batch Process M0701
FNOL - First Notification of Loss - Claims Center gathers Info about Loss - Stores all available info in FNOL (document) - FNOL is available to Claim Handler
MiFiD - Markets in Financial Instruments Directives - Helps to Regulate investment services (Europen Member States) - Banks and Insurance companies - National Banks are regulators - Profiles: Optimist, Cautious - Responsibility to explain risks &c - Protecting the Customer!
FSMA -Financial services markets authority - It handles financial activities performed by financial sector in belgium - Review new products - It's a governing authority
Mulesoft - Framework for creating Services - Easy to use (visually) in an IDE - Less boiler plate coding needed -ESB (Enterprise Service Bus)
Telebib2 - Belgian Standard (Edifact Dialect) - Message Structure - Insurance - Non Profit Organisation: Assuralia - Telebib2.org - Electronic Exchange
Portima - Commercial Organisation - Brio - BMS - Other Applications (MyBroker, Catalogue) - ASWeb (Portal for Brokers) -Network for Insurance Cies - Not al Cies are affiliated - Supports TB2
SOAP - Webservice protocol - Simple Object Access Protocol
Brio Broker management system it contains the informations about policies, claims and accountancy details its application can accessed by registered brokers portima network
Insusoft - BMS - Fat client - Losing ground to other BMSs
Sigura - BMS - TB compliant - Web application
Edifact - Electronic data interchange for administration commerce and transport - Global standard - Structured communication - Developed by UN
AS Web - Framework used by brokers - Simplify broker activities - Made by portima - SSO - Telebib is integrated - Enables web socket communication - Provides additional tools (informex, febiac, ...)
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