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Bisabol What is it also called? Chamomile
Bisabol Purifying or soothing? Soothing
Apricot Astringent or Regenerating? Regenerating
Apricot Purifying or Softening/Nourishing? Softening/Nourishing
Bromelin is related to which fruit? Pineapple
Lanolin has 2 main skin benefits. What are they? Emollient/Softening and a protectant for the skin
Avocado has a high or low affinity with the skin? High. High penetration
Blueberry is an antioxidant. Why is it good for rosacea? It is calming, clarifying and decongesting.
Algae is good for which skin type and conditions? Dehydrated and acne
Why is Algae good for dehydrated and acne skin ? It is hydrating and purifying
Allantoin is also called what? Comfrey
Which skin types is allantoin good for? Acne and Dehydrated skin
What are the desired treatment results that can come from using allantoin? Hydrating Regenerating Soften Keratolytic
What is the outcome from using the apple ingredient? Lightens and clarifies
What are the uses from using artichoke? Clarifies Anti Imflammatory Astringent
Artichoke Clarifying or nourishing? Clarifying
Artichoke Regenerating or Anti-Inflammatory? Anti- Inflammatory
Calendula Purifying or Soothing Soothing
Alum Nourishing or Astringent? Astringent
Linden flower A.) Hydrating, Emollient, Astringent, clarifying B.) Antioxidant, Lightening, Protectant, Regenerating The answer is A
Which enzyme is better for thick and oily skin? Pepsin
Which enzyme is better for thick and dull skin? Papain
Which vitamins are absorbed in the skin? Vitamin A (retin A) Vitamin E
Camphor Purifying or Astringent? Astringent
Camphor Regenerating or Anti-Inflammatory Anti-Inflammatory
Which one is Hydrating/Moisturizing? Algae or Chlorophyll Algae
Besides being an astringent, clarifying, what else does citrus fruit (AHA) do? Lighten
Witch Hazel is good for acne and which other skin condition? Couperose, redness
Collagen is moisturizing/hydrating but also ___________. Protectant for the skin
Currant stands for which acids? (2) Malic and Citric
Elderflower A.) Lightening and astringent B.) Clarifying and Hydrating Answer is B
Hops Astringent or Calming Calming
Rosemary Nourishing or astringent? Astringent
What is rose ingredient good for? Softening and astringent
Ivy A.) Decongesting and soothing B.) Purifying and anti-itch Answer is A
Tannis ingredient does what? Toning and Stimulating mature dull skin
St Johns Wort is good for which skin types? Couperose, Acne, Sensitive skin
Describe 3 things that St Johns Wort can do for the skin during treatment Decongesting, Soothing and Hydrating
Nettle Nourishing or astringent? Astringent
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