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Abductor Muscles Spread the fingers or toes
Adductor Muscles Pull the fingers or toes together
Agnail Hangnail; Split cuticle around the nail
Bed Epithelium Thin layer of skin cells between the bed and the nail plate
Bruised Nail Dark purpleish discoloration under the nail caused by trauma
Carpals Eight bones that form the wrist
Digital Nerve Nerves located in the fingers and toes
Eggshell Nail Noticeably thin, white nail plate that is more flexible than normal
Eponychium Living skin at the base of the nail plate that partially overlaps the lunula
Extensor Muscles Aid in the strengthening of the joints
Femur Long bone extending from the hip to the knee, also known as Thigh Bone
Fibula Bone forming on the outerpart of the lower leg, extending from the knee to the ankle
Humerus Largest bone in the upper arm, extending from shoulder to the elbow
Hyponychium Skin between the free edge and fingertip of the natural nail
Leukonychia Also known as White Spots; whitish discoloration of the nails caused by injury
Lunula Whitish half moon shape at base of nail
Mantle Pocket like fold of skin that holds the nail root and matrix
Matrix Part of the nail bed that extends below the nail root and helps produce the nail plate
Median Nerve Smallest of the three arm and hand nerves; runs along the mid forearm
Melanonychia Darkening of the nails caused by excess melanin; may be in a band or stripe
Onychia Inflammation of the nail matrix
Onychocryptosis Ingrown nail
Onycholysis Loosening or separation, without shedding, of the nail plate from the nail bed
Onychomycosis Fungal infection of the nail
Onychophagy Bitten nails
Onychorrhexis Abnormal brittleness of the nail plate
Onychosis General term for any nail disease or deformity
Onyx Technical term for nails
Paronychia Bacterial inflammation of the skin surrounding the nail plate
Patella Technical term for kneecap
Perionychium Additional or excessive skin that overlaps onto the sides of the nail plate
Pronator Muscles Turns the forearm and hand inward so the palm faces downward
Radial Artery Supplies blood to the thumb side of the arm and the back of the hand
Radial Nerve Nerve that runs along the thumb side of the arm and back of the hand
Supinator Muscle Turns the forearm and hand outward so the palm faces upward
Tibia Also known as the shin bone; largest of the two bones below the knee that form the lower leg
Ulnar Artery Supplies blood to the little finger side of the arm and the palm of the hand
Ulnar Nerve Nerve that runs along the little finger side of the arm and palm of hand
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