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What do Ores contain? Metals which can be extracted, purified and sold.
How are metals which are more reactive than carbon extracted e.g. Aluminium? They are extracted using electrolysis of a metal compound.
Why can electrolysis sometimes not be financially feasible? Sometimes the process of extracting the metal can be more than the metal can be sold for. They can also use a lot of energy and time.
What other ways can we extract metals? Using processes such as bioleaching, phytomining. These methods can sometimes be cheaper than electrolysis.
Why are we encouraged to recycle metals? Because the processes used to extract metals can be expensive, time consuming and can have negative effects on the environment.
What is an ore? It's a naturally occurring rock which is chemically combined with oxygen and impurities.
What happens when we concentrate a metal ore? We take away some of the impurities, this ensures that the ore itself will have more metal concentrated inside.
What happens when the demand for a metal increases? The prices for extracting and selling the metal changes.
Write the word equation for this symbol equation: 2CuO+C= 2Cu+Co2 Copper oxide+carbon= copper+carbon dioxide Copper oxide is black and reduces to make copper. Carbon oxidizes to make carbon dioxide.
What is steel? Steel is an alloy which is mixed with other metals so that we can change the properties of the steel.
Why is iron from a blast furnace brittle? Because it contains mainly carbon and 96% impurities and carbon. It's not very useful because it's too soft.
Why are low-alloy steels expensive? Because they contain 1-5% of other metals.
What determines which method we use to extract a metal? The place of the metal in the reactivate series. More reactive metals such as carbon displace less reactive metals from their oxides.
What is copper found as? Copper sulphide christals.
Why is electrolysis of copper not worth the effort nowadays? Because ore's only contain 1% copper.
What metal ore can copper be extracted from? Malachite.
Extracting copper from malachite equation. H2SO+CuO=CUSO4+H20 Sulphuric acid+copper oxide=copper sulphate+water.
Equation for malachite. CuCO3=CuO+C02
What is copper used for? Water pipes and electrical wiring.
What is phytomining? Using special plants to absorb the metals from soil as they grow.
What is bioleaching? Using bacteria to eat the cu ions from the rock.
What is the displacement reaction for copper? Copper sulphate+iron= iron sulphate+copper.
What is reduction? The process of removing oxygen.
What is oxidization? This is gaining oxygen.
What is a thermit reaction used for? Molten iron is produced to weld two railway lines together.
What property does both Aluminium and Titanium share? They don't corrode.
Name some properties of Al (aluminium)? Shiny, silvery and a good conductor of energy and electricity.
Al reacts with oxygen and this creates a thin layer of what, to stop the corrosion on the metal? Al2O3
Name some items which Al is used to make? Cans, cooking foil, electricity cables.
Why can gold be found in it's native state? Because it's a less reactive metal.
When is electrolyte used? When doing electrolysis.
What is the name of the positive electrode? Anode
What is the name of the negative electrode? Cathode.
Definition native state? When a metal is found chemically uncombined in nature.
What is a smart alloy? An alloy which is able to be bent and deformed and then have the ability to bend back into shape.
Why is Al difficult to extract? Because it's a more reactive metal which is combined with clay and rock. Al ore is called bauxite.
What does cryolite do? It is another Al ore and it is used to lower the melting point when using electrolysis to extract Al from bauxite.
How do we extract iron from the iron ore? By reducing it using carbon in the blast furnace.
How is copper obtained from copper rich ores? By using the method of smelting, this is when you heat copper in a blast furnace with air which will produce crude copper.
If a metal is below carbon in the reactivate series what method is used to extract the metal? You can use a displacement reaction to take away the oxygen and by doing this you will create the gas carbon dioxide.
If a metal is above carbon in the reactivity series what method can you use to extract the metal? Electrolysis.
What is smelting? Heating an ore in a large furnace.
During electrolysis what happens to the positive copper electrodes? They become attracted to the negative copper electrode.
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