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When is an ionic compound formed? When 2 or more elements are chemically bonded together
When is an ionic compound formed? When a metal and a non-metal are bonded together.
What is an ion? An an atom that has lost or gained electrons to get a full outer shell of electrons.
What do ions always have? A charge
How does an ionic bond form? when metal atoms give electron(s) from their outershell to non-metal atoms to form an ion.
Do metals change their name as they change from an atom to an ion? NO!!!!
Do non-metals change their name as they become ions? YES!!!!
When we hold magnesium in a roaring flame, what do we see? A bright, white light.
When we sprinkle a small piece of Mg over a roaring flame, what do we see? White, bright sparks.
What is the symbol equation for the reaction: Magnesium+Oxygen=Magnesium Oxide 2Mg+O2= 2MgO
What is sodium Chloride (salt) made from? Sodium ions (Na+) Chlorine (Cl-)
What do these ions do? Attract each other
What do we say an ionic bond is? The electrostatic attraction between oppositely charged ions.
Why do ionic compounds have HIGH MELTING POINTS? The attraction between + and - is strong.
What are they at room temperature? Solids.
Each sodium atom is attrected to how many chloride atoms? 6 chloride atoms and vice versa.
What does this give? A giant structure.
Why don't ionic solids conduct electricity? Because the electrons can't move.
Why do ions conduct electricity when liquid? Because they're free to move.
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