1) Original Natives: Land, Tears & the Dakota Access Pipeline

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Question Answer
Native American world view Native American Land = IDENTITY (origin, people, stories, self) -> web of life Colonists Land = property (status and profit) = CLASH OF PERSPECTIVES
Colonisation - Reasons- - landownership (status) - resources and profit (gold) - people (christianisation) - power (rivalry between E and Sp)
Colonisation -English Colonisation- late 16th c.: Sir Walter Raleigh lost colony "Virginia" on Roanoke Island 1607 Jamestown (Virginia) 1st permanent en. settlement 1620 Plymouth colony, Mayflower (Cape Cod) - Thanksgiving - 1619 first Africans - bancrupty of Virginia Company (crown colony)
The Peaquot War 1636-1638 - murder of a british trader - response: masacre, villages burnt
American Expansion "land cessions" Diplomacy: "Royal Proclamation" - after 7 y war - France lost colonies in NA War: French and Indian War (1754-1763) 19th c. Indian Wars Desease: small pox
Genocite and Ethnocide - Indian Removal Act - Trail of Tears (Cherokee) - Battle at little Bighorn River -Wounded knee -indian appropriations act -general allotment