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Who is responsible for registering the work estimates during a Sprint? The Development Team.
The Product Backlog is ordered by: Whatever is deemed most appropriate by the Product Owner. Points: 1 out of 1 Feedback: The Product Owner decides what order on the Product Backlog makes the most sense to optimize the value of the work being done by the Development Team.
During a Sprint, a Development Team determines that it will not be able to finish the complete forecast. Who should be present to review and adjust the Sprint work selected? The Product Owner and the Development Team.
An abnormal termination of a Sprint is called when? When the Product Owner determines that it makes no sense to finish it. Points: 0 out of 1
Upon what type of process control is Scrum based? Empirical
It is mandatory that the product increment be released to production at the end of each Sprint. The product increment should be usable and potentially releasable at the end of every Sprint, but it does not have to be released. B)
Which of the below are roles on a Scrum Team? Development Team
The purpose of a Sprint is to produce a done increment of working product. True
Who is required to attend the Daily Scrum? The Development Team.
Which statement best describes Scrum? A cookbook that defines best practices for software development.
The maximum length of the Sprint Review (its timebox) is: 4 hours for a monthly Sprint. For shorter Sprints it is usually shorter.
Which statement best describes a Product Owner's responsibility? Optimizing the value of the work the Development Team does.
When many Development Teams are working on a single product, what best describes the definition of "done?" All Development Teams must have a definition of "done" that makes their combined work potentially releasable.
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