Characteristics of the Sources of the Pentateuch

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Question Answer
Uses YHWH Yahwist
Vivid, earthy style Yahwist
Anthropomorphism Yahwist
Refers to Mount Sinai as the place for the study of the Law Yahwist
Gives framework for the Pentateuch Yahwist and Priestly
Wrote the second creation story Yahwist
Recounts the Great Flood Yahwist and Priestly
Uses Elohim Elohist and Priestly
Prophecies, esp. those of Elijah and Elisha Elohist
Retells stories from northern kingdom's point of view with emphasis on the monarchy Elohist
Abraham is a central figure Elohist
Means "second law" Deuteronomist
Emphasizes morality and the Law Deuteronomist
Likely composed by a priest in the northern kingdom at the shrine of Shechem around 650 BC Deuteronomist
Major theme of Israel's history as a cycle of fidelity/reward and sin/punishment Deuteronomist
Highlights speeches of Moses Deuteronomist
Repeats, "Listen, Israel" Deuteronomist
Census lists, genealogies, numbers, dates, proper ways to worship, and clean and unclean animals Priestly
Latest source Priestly
Wrote the first creation story Priestly
Wrote Leviticus Priestly
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