Religion and Sport

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Writing for my dissertation, I aim to answer the question "IS THE 21ST CENTURY MORE CONCERNED WITH SPORT THAN RELIGION?"

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Religion and Sport
  1. Sport as a Religion
    1. Figures show that sport following inclining whilst religion declining
      1. New era of religion in the form of sport?
        1. Preferred?
          1. Fun aspect
            1. Less commitment
              1. Easier to follow?
            2. Religious aspects in Sport, becoming recognised?
            3. Similarities
              1. Holy Place for 'worship'
                1. Stadiums as a church or temple
                2. Working within Communities
                  1. Media and political coverage/interest
                  2. Promotes good
                    1. Sport- health awareness Religion- better life and promised land
                      1. People will benefit from both
                      2. Attending a 'service' regularly
                        1. Travelling to witness
                      3. Differences
                        1. key conflicts
                          1. Sports such as boxing and UFC could clash with "Love thy neighbour"
                          2. Sport as a 'hobby'? Religion as a way of life
                            1. Sport as competition
                            2. Practices
                              1. Rituals
                                1. Wearing a teams colours and carrying its flags, icons, and mascots
                                  1. Ceremonies
                                    1. "A set of actions with beliefs in a prescribed order or fashion"
                                    2. People live their life by both in some cases
                                    3. Problems
                                      1. 'Worshiping' sportspeople could be seen as idolatry- clashes with some religions' main belief
                                        1. Obsession
                                        2. Some sports are contact, can clash with main teachings of religions
                                        3. People
                                          1. Insider/ Outsider
                                            1. Participants
                                              1. Opposition in religion as well as sport, 'racism'
                                              2. Observers
                                                1. Fandom as having effects on a person's every day life
                                                2. Critics
                                                  1. Thus, conflict
                                                  2. Leaders
                                                    1. People at the top, therefore creates oppressed
                                                    2. Deity Figures
                                                      1. Different Gods and influential figures in sport
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