Weed ID exam 2 9/14/18


Grasses and grass like plants from the families Poaceae and Cyperaceae found on the second weed group from PSS112
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Barnyard Grass Poaceae Annual Seed
Crabgrass Poaceae Annual Seed
Fall Panicum Poaceae Annual Seed
Giant Foxtail Poaceae Annual Seed
Green Foxtail Poaceae Annual Seed
Yellow Foxtail Poaceae Annual Seed
Goosegrass Poaceae Annual Seed
Witchgrass Poaceae Annual Seed
Quackgrass Poaceae Creeping Perennial Seed, Rhizome
Poaceae Creeping Perennial Seed, Rhizome
Tall Fescue Tall Fescue Poaceae Simple Perennial Seed
Yellow Nutsedge Cyperaceae Creeping Perennial Tubers (nutlets, Seed
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