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NGT or IDC size Calculation = 2x ETT size where ETT size = (Age/4) +4
ETT size calculation General (Age/4) + 4
ETT size neonates <28 weeks: size 2.5 28 to 34 weeks: size 3 34 to 38 weeks: size 3.5 Term: size 4
Mean arterial pressure (MAP) = [(2xDBP)+SBP]/3 = (pulse pressure/3) + DBP
Pulse pressure = SBP minus DBP
Insertion depth ETT cm Calculation (ETT size) x3
Shock index = HR/SBP Normal 0.5 to 0.7
ICC size in kids Calculation = 4 x ETT size
Paeds weight Calculation = 2x(age + 4) or (age x 3) + 7
Troubleshooting ventilator DOPES: Displaced/Obstructed ETT, Pneumothorax, Equipment failures, Stacking (breaths)
Drug doses in obesity Use TOTAL weight in calcs FAT MEN SUX: Fentanyl, Atracurium, Thiopentone, Midazolam, Etomidate, Narcan, Suxamethonium
Drug doses in obesity Use lean weight in calcs Ketamine Propofol Vec/rocuronium Tidal volume
8.4% sodium bicarb uses 1. Cardioprotection (TCA, propranolol, Na blockers) 2. Decr CNS redistribution (salicylates) 3. Incr urine elim (salicylates, phenobarb), incr urine solubility (MTX) 4. Life threatening acidosis (pH <7.2) : cyanide, isoniazid, toxic alcohols 5. Severe hyponatraemia
8.4% sodium bicarb Dose in severe hyponatraemia If seizures, 50mL (=50mmol), can repeat. Aim Na 120 or stop seizures then stop replacing. Aim Na increase 10mmol/L per day, 1mmol/L/hr
3% sodium bicarb Dose in severe hyponatraemia If seizures, 250mmol in 10 min Will incr Na by 7. Aim Na 120 or stop seizures then stop replacing. Otherwise: 50mmol/hr = 1 to 2mL/kg/hr
DCR joules 50J flutter 100J AF
Antiarrhythmic doses Fleicanide 2mg/kg infusion Only if normal LVEF with no CAD
Antiarrhythmic doses Sotalol 1mg/kg infused over 15 mins Can repeat once Then 80 to-160mg IV over 2/24 (PO 40 to 160mg BD)
Antiarrhythmics Which to use Atrial vs ventricular rhythms Atrial: amiodarone, fleicanide Ventricular: amiodarone, sotalol
Chemicals NOT for water irrigation Phenols (polyethylene glycol) Alkali metals (mineral oil)
DIC Causes HOT MISS Hepatic failure, Obstetric (eclampsia, embolus, foetal death in utero), Trauma, Malignancy (AML, prostate), Immune (anaphylaxis, transfusion), Shock, Sepsis (G neg, haemorrhagic fevers)
Blood products FFP: coagulation factors except VII Cryoprecipitate: fibrinogen Vasopression: decr coagulopathy due to liver failure
INR vs APTT INR measures EXTRINSIC pathway (used in warfarin monitoring) APTT measures INTRINSIC pathway
Trauma assessment ATOM CF Airway, Tension PTx, Open PTx, Massive HTx, cardiac tamponade, Flail chest PAMDOT Pulmonary contusion, Aortic dissection, Myocardial injury, Diaphragm injury, Oesophageal injury, Tracheobronchial injury
Adrenal crisis Low Na, BSL, BP High K, Ca, temp Seizures Mx: hydrocortisone and/or fludrocortisone
Sgarbossa criteria LBBB, MI Concordant STE 1mm or more Concordant STD 1mm or more V1 to V3 Discordant STE 5mm or more (less specific) Criteria met if found in ONE lead
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