Democracy and political participation


Democracy, Legitimacy, Participation, Referendum....
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Key concepts in this chapter: What is Democracy? -Political system were the government should serve the interests of the people. -Liberal democracies it is also expected that citizens should influence decisions or make decisions themselves. -The government should be accountable in a democracy.
Legitimacy -Is the right to exercise power. -Institutions can usually claim legitimacy when they are accountable and /or elected.
Citizenship -Members of the political community have certain rights: Right to live and all the other the rights and benefits. -Citizenship implies also a certain level of obligation: to give military service, to vote and to engage in some kinds of service to the community.
Participation -Opportunities for the people to become involved in political process: Involve voting; involve active work in political parties or pressure groups, or standing for public office.
Referendum -Vote where people are asked to determine an important political or constitutional issue directly.
Representation -Idea that people elect or appoint representatives to make decisions on their behalf rather than making those decisions themselves
Democratic deficit -Fear that democracy is being undermined or weakened in a variety of ways.
Democratic renewal -Measures designed to deal with the democratic deficit.
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