Democracy and Political Participation

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Question Answer
Democracy Most simply defined as 'rule by the people' democracy is based off of two key principles, Political Participation and Political Equality.
Legitimacy Rightfulness; legitimacy confers on a command or order on authoritative or binding character, meaning that it should be obeyed.
Representation As a political principle, representation is the relationship through which an individual or group stands for or acts on behalf of a larger body of people.
Direct Democracy The people make political decisions themselves. The effectiveness is based on the extent of popular participation in government.
Representative Democracy The people choose who will make decisions on their behalf, the effectiveness of representative democracy is based on the extent of popular control over government.
Liberal Democracy A indirect and representative form of democracy where the right to rule is gained through success in regular and competitive elections, conducted on the basis of political equality.
Parliamentary Democracy A form of democracy that operates though a popularly elected deliberative assembly, establishing a direct link between government and the governed
Political Participation Any activity that shapes or involves the political sphere, this ranges from voting to attending a rally to committing an act of terrorism to sending a letter to a representative
Referendum A vote in which the electorate can express a view on a particular issue, sometimes called plebiscite