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Name the layers of the earths crust? 6c445161-589b-46a6-a400-697217155ee1.gif (image/gif)
What is the mantle made from? *Semi molten rock called magma. *The upper parts of the mantle rock is hard but lower down it begins to get softer and melt.
What is the liquid layer made from? *Nickle and iron.
What is the name of the hottest part of the earth? *The inner core is the hottest part of the earth.
Define subduction? *The sinking of the oceanic crust at the destructive plate margin.
Define collision? *It is the meeting of 2 plates of continental crust. They are both the same type, so they meet and buckle.
Which way does the constructive plate margin move? ffbf84bd-6b63-48d3-8876-88021b9e6432.gif (image/gif)
What direction does the conservative plate margin travel? The plate moves side by side. 36010882-42a6-4f35-9ce8-206adc000684.jpg (image/jpg)
What causes a destructive plate margin? *A destructive subduction plate boundary is found where a continental plate meets an oceanic plate.
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