Richard Wagner and German opera

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German Opera - Unlike long tradtition of Italian opera, German opera had little precedence. - Began with Die Zauberflute. - From Sinspiel origins spoken dialogue was used as opposed to Italian recitative. Like Die Zauberflute operas were often supernatural, philosophical and moralistic. Slower dramatic pacing. concepts of sin and redemption.
Some early German opera composers Ludwig Sophr - Faust. considered equal of Beethoven E.T.A Hoffman - German fairytale Undine Beethoven - Fidelio Schumann - Genoveva
Timeline (Wagner) 1813 - Born in Germany 1841 - First great opera, Der Fliegende Hollander. Became conductor of opera in Dresdon. 1845 - Completed Tannhauser 1848 - Participated in revolutionary uprising began working on Der Ring das Nibelungen 1849 - Fled to Switzerland 1859 - Completed Triston and Isolde 1870 - Married Franz Liszt's daughter. 1874 - Completed the ring cycle 1883 - Died
Additional notes - Primarily self taught - Little performance ability. - Idolized Beethoven - Great conductor - One of the most influential composers in the history of music.
Characteristics of his operas - Wrote his on own libretti based on Norse Mythology - Slow paced drama - Advanced harmonic thinking, heavy chromaticism - Master orchestrator - Voice provides text, orchestra the drama.
Gesumatkunswerk Combination of the arts. synthesis of multiple different types of art. Wagner used this term to describe his work and ideal art in his essays. Later the term music drama was applied to his work.
Byreuth City in Germany where Wagner built his own theater to perform his operas. Music festivals held there yearly.
Brahms Wagner Split Europe was divided between aesthetics of absolute music (Brahms) and music drama (Wagner) which was called the music of the future. Not primarily promoted by the composers themselves but by their followers.
Important operas Rienzi (grand opera) Der Fliegende Hollander Tannhauser
Music Dramas Tristen and Isolde Der Ring des Nibenlunger (four operas known as the ring cycle to be performed on different days)
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