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parler to speak
manger to eat
nager to swim
travailler to work
étudier to study
adorer to love, to adore
aimer to like, to love
arriver to arrive
chanter to sing
danser to dance
chercher to look for
déjeuner to have lunch
détester to hate
dîner to have dinner
discuter to discuss
écouter to listen
entrer to enter
jouer to play
laver to wash
préparer to prepare
regarder to look at
télécharger to download
trouver to find
inviter to invite
accepter to accept
annuler to cancel
apporter to bring
attraper to catch
augmenter to increase
bavarder to chat
casser to break
commander to order
couper to cut
dessiner to draw
donner to give
emprunter to borrow
enlever to remove
exprimer to express
gagner to win
garder to keep
habiter to live
mériter to deserve
oublier to forget
porter to carry
prêter to lend
raser to shave
maquiller to put on makeup
refuser to refuse
saluer to greet
sauter to jump
tomber to fall
visiter to visit
prononcer to pronounce
annoncer to announce
avancer to advance, to move forward
balancer to swing
commencer to start
défoncer to smash in
déplacer to move
devancer to get ahead of
effacer to erase
épicer to spice
façonner to make, to shape
financer to finance
grimacer to make faces
influencer to influence
lacer to lace up, to tie
menacer to threaten
percer to pierce
placer to place
poncer to sand
remplacer to replace
renoncer to give up
exercer to exercise
lancer to throw
changer to change
ranger to arrange, to tidy up
voyager to travel
bouger to move
corriger to correct
dégager to release, to free
déménager to move (house)
encourager to encourage
exiger to demand
hérberger to host
mélanger to mix
négliger to neglect
partager to share
plonger to dive
protéger to protect
venger to avenge
acheter to buy
élever to bring up, to rear
emmener to take (a person) along
lever to get up, to lift, to raise
peser to weigh
promener to take (someone) for a walk
mener to lead
semer to sow
répéter to repeat
céder to yield
célébrer to celebrate
considérer to consider
déléguer to delegate
espérer to hope
exagérer to exaggerate
gérer to manage
lécher to lick
posséder to own
préférer to prefer
révéler to reveal
compléter to complete
coopérer to cooperate
intégrer to integrate
interférer to interfere
interpréter to interpret
précéder to precede
régner to reign
répéter to repeat
rouspéter to grumble
sécher to dry
suggérer to suggest
tolérer to tolerate
épeler to spell
appeler to call
ensorceler to bewitch
étinceler to sparkle, to glitter
ficeler to tie
niveler to level
rappeler to remind, to call back
renouveler to renew
jeter to throw
feuilleter to leaf through
projeter to plan, to project
aboyer to bark
balayer to sweep
effrayer to frighten
employer to use
ennuyer to bore
envoyer to send
essayer (de) to try
essuyer to wipe
nettoyer to clean
rayer to cross out
tutoyer to address someone as "tu"
vouvoyer to address someone as "vous"
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