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Ajouter To add
Allumer To switch on To light
Améliorer To improve
Annuler To cancel
Appeler To call
Atterrir To land
Coller To stick
Compter To count To intend
Conduire To drive
Connaître To know To be familiar with
Conseiller To advise
Coûter To cost
Dépenser To spend
Discuter To discuss
Donner To give
Empêcher To prevent
Emprunter To borrow
Entendre To hear
Fermer To close To switch off
Frapper To knock To hit
Gagner To win To earn
Garer To park
Jeter To throw
Laisser To leave
Louer To rent To hire
Manquer To miss
Meriter To deserve
Mettre To put
Monter To climb To go up To get on
Montrer To show
Neiger To snow
Offrir To give
Oublier To forget
Perdre To lose
Plaire To please
Pleurer To cry
Pousser To push
Pouvoir To be able to
Prêter To lend
Prévenir To warn
Raconter To tell
Rater To go wrong To fail
Rembourser To refund
Remercier To thank
Remplir To fill
Rencontrer To meet
Rendre visite à To visit
Réussir To succeed To pass an exam
Rire To laugh
Rouler To go along in a vehicle
S'adresser à To apply to
S'amuser To enjoy oneself
S'appeler To be called
S'arrêter To stop
S'asseoir To sit down
S'échapper To escape
S'ennuyer To be bored
S'intéresser à To be interested in
S'occuper de To look after
Sauter To jump
Sauver To save
Savoir To know a fact
Se débrouiller To manage To deal with things
Se fâcher To get angry
Se rappeler To remember
Se servir de To use
Se souvenir To remember
Se taire To be quiet
Sembler To seem
Servier To serve
Sonner To ring
Sourire To smile
Stationner To park
Suivre To follow
Taper To type
Téléphoner To phone
Tenir To hold
Tirer To pull
Tomber To fall
Venir To come
Vivre To live
Voler To steal To fly
Vouloir To want
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