1.1.1 - Structure and function of the processor

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Topics Included: Components of A Computer [Not Finished] Fetch, decode, execute cycle [Not Finished] CPU Performance [Not Finished] CPU Architecture [Partly Finished]

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True or False? A program must be stored in the main memory for it to be executed. True.
True or False? Machine code instructions are fetched from memory one at a time. True.
Which type of architecture has one data bus to transfer all programs and data? Von Neumann Architecture
Name the two main types of computer architecture. Von Neumann & Harvard
Which computer architecture has data and instructions stored in separate memory locations? Harvard Architecture.
True or False? The two data locations within Harvard architecture must have the same access settings. False. They can be a combination of read only or read write memory.
What is meant by an embedded system? Devices which include special purpose computers which offer real time functionality.
Which type of architecture is faster? Von Neumann or Harvard? Generally Harvard: as data and instructions can be fetched in parallel rather than them competing for the same data bus.
Von Neumann or Harvard? Allows programs to be condensed in size. Von Neumann
Von Neumann or Harvard? Has large programs of a fixed size. Harvard
What is meant by a contemporary processor architecture? CPU chips which feature elements of Von Neumann and Harvard architecture.
Name the three main factors which affect CPU performance. Clock Speed The number of processor cores The amount of cache memory
Define what is meant by clock speed. The clock speed of a computer dictates how fast its processors can execute instructions.
Fill in the blank: A computer with a higher clock speed will be able to perform instructions ______. A computer with a higher clock speed will be able to perform instructions FASTER.
True or False: A single processor core can execute multiple instructions at a time. False. A single processor core can only execute one instruction at a time in the order that they are received.
True or False: Modern computers have multiple cores to make processing instructions quicker. True.
Theoretically, a computer with four processor cores can process instructions 4 times as fast. Is this always true in practice? Not always. Some software may not be able to take full advantage of all of a computer's processing power.
What is meant by cache memory? Cache memory is a small amount of expensive memory found inside the CPU.
What kind of data is stored in cache memory? Frequently used data is stored in cache memory.
Explain why computers use cache memory. Computers use cache memory for frequently used data. Instead of having to fetch it from main memory (which is time consuming) it can just be fetched from the cache instead.
True or False? When cache memory is full, rarely used data stored inside it will be replaced with more recent data. It's true!
True or False? Computers only have one type of cache memory. False. Computers will have at least two but sometimes three levels of cache memory.
Fill in the blanks: Higher levels of cache can store ____ data than lower levels of cache memory. Higher levels of cache can store LESS data than lower levels of cache memory.
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