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Public Company A company listed on the stock exchange.
Capital The money or other assets used to fund the establishment of a business.
Overdraft A bank account facility that allows you to withdraw more funds from an account than you have deposited, you are charged interest for using these funds.
Franchisee The owner of a franchise.
Dividend A payment made to a company's shareholders
Demography The study of a population. It includes size and distribution of the population as well as details of the individuals within the population, such as age, gender, interests etc.
Franchise A business for which there is an agreement for the use of a brand name and operating systems in exchange for a fee.
Target Market The group of customers to which an organisation intends to aim its marketing efforts.
Goodwill The monetary value of an existing company's reputation.
SWOT Analysis An assessment of a company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
Inputs Goods and services used in the production process.
Leasing Using equipment or property for a specific amount of time in return for a fee or rent.
Partnership Where two or more people share responsibility for the operation of a business.
Incorporated Association A non-profit organisation involved in commercial activity. Profits are returned to the organisation, not passed onto members.
Private Company A business that is not listed on the stock exchange and has 50 or fewer shareholders.
Sole Trader A business with a single owner who is responsible for every aspect of the operation of the business.
Creditors Suppliers of goods and services to businesses, especially where these are supplied on credit not cash.
Shareholder A person who owns shares in a business.
Franchisor The business firm that provides the goods, services and expertise for a franchise.
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