Law in Action

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Law in Action
1 Contact with Criminal Law elements that must be proven and Civil Law and Negligence
1.1 Age Requirements
1.1.1 Full Time Job =15
1.1.2 Drink = 18
1.1.3 Rent a Flat = NL
1.1.4 Leave Home = 16
1.1.5 Buy Cigarettes = 18
1.1.6 Leave School = 17
1.2 Criminal Law
1.2.1 Young People and The Law
1.2.2 Elements of a Crime Actus Reus Mens Rea
1.3 Civil Law
1.3.1 Contract Law
1.3.2 Law of Torts Negligence - Where a person fails to take responsible care and therefore injures another person Defamation - Where a person injures another person's reputation Nuisance - Where a person causes unreasonable interference with another person's right to quiet enjoyment of their property Trespass - Where a person interferes with another person or their property rights
2 Punishment for a crime and Legal Rights and Responsibility
2.1 Punishment for a Crime
2.1.1 Factors Considered before Determining the Punishment Given Judge/ Magistrate must consider factors: Guilty Plea, Circumstances of a Crime, Prior Convictions, Level of Hardship it will cause
2.1.2 Penalties in Aus Penalties Now - Fines, Community Service, Weekend Detention, Good Behaviour Bonds, Home Detention and Imprisonment Past Penalties - Whipping, Exile, Deportation, Torture & Capital Punishment (Hanging, Electrocution, Gas Chamber, Guillotine and Shooting
2.2 Rights and Responsibilities
2.2.1 Rights of the Victim The right to have the police investigate any allegations the victim makes The right to protection from the accused person The right to be made aware of the progress of the case The right to make a victim impact statement (The victim/family has the right to make a statement to court before the judge/ magistrate passes sentence)
2.2.2 Rights of the Accused The right to remain silent The right to not be detained unless they have been formally arrested The right to not have their past convictions mentioned during their trail The right to have their interviews with police recorded
2.2.3 Rights of Witness The right to give their evidence free from fear or revenge The right to protection should giving evidence place them or their family in danger
2.2.4 Parties in Civil Case To present evidence that is accurate and true The right to cross-examine the witnesses called by the other side.
3 Protection provided by the law and Resolving Disputes
4 Current Issues
5 Excursion Info From Courts
6 Video and Class Notes and Chapter 12 Review
6.1 Definitions