Module 2.4: Cell to organism

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Module 2.4: Cell to Organism By Sabaa Khan 8B
What are tissues? Tissues are similar specialised cells working together to complete a specific task
What are organs? Organs are tissues organised into organs. An organ is a structure that contains at least two different types of tissues working together to complete a task.
What is an Organ System? Organs are arranged into organ systems. Organ systems have two or more different organs that work together
What is the structure of the body?
What are the four types of tissues? -Epithelial tissues -Connective tissue -Muscle tissue -Nerve tissue
What is Epithelial tissue and what does it do? Tissue that covers other tissues and organs. It lines the inside of your mouth and the rest of the digestive system.
What is an epidermis? Epithelial tissue forming the outermost layer of skin.
Define connective tissues A type of tissue that adds support and structure to the body. Some examples are fat, bone, cartilage, tendon and ligament.
What type of tissue is this? It's Epithelial tissue
What does a ligament do? They hold bones together together at joints.
What is muscle tissue? Specialised tissue that can contract, becoming shorter and fatter.
Which is the biceps and which are the triceps
Define Nerve tissue Many nerve cells grouped together, they can send electrical signals around the body.
What is the largest organ in your body? YOUR SKIN!!! -surprise...
What is your heart mostly made up of? Muscle tissue.
What are the different types of organ systems in your body? The respiratory system, skeletal system, excretory system, nervous system and reproductive system.
What is the vascular tissue composed of? Xylem and Phloem
What does the Xylem do? Carries water from the roots. Xylem cells are long thin tubes with strong walls that help support the plant.
What does the Phleom do? Carries glucose from the leaves to all other plant parts.
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