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What does a Data Structure do? It is a alternative way of using lots of individual variables
What is a example of a Data Structure? An Array
What does a Array look like? Local Person Put 43345 into Person[1] Put 48989 into Person [2]
What types of brackets does a Array use? Square - [ ]
What is the index in.. Put 897423 into Person[1] The [1]
What happens if you refer to an element outside the bounds of the Array? An error will occur
Three advantages of using a Array - You can declare all the elements in one statement - If the number of elements change you only need to change the array size when you declare it -Easy to loop through the data
What does a loop through a Array look like? Local i Repeat with i = 1 to 10 Answer Person [i] End Repeat
What does the index look like on 2D Array? Person [1][3]
What does a loop through a 2D Array look like? Local i , j Repeat with i = 1 to 2 Repeat with j = 1 to 3 Answer Person [i][j] End Repeat End Repeat
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