Connecting to The Internet and Search Engines

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What type of connection method is this? Dial-up internet
What is a common internet connection methods beginning with "B"? Broadband
What is the Internet? A connection of networks across the globe
How can we connect to the Internet without wires? Through wireless connection methods like 3G and 4G LTE
Name one advantage of wireless connections to the Interent - It allows people to work wherever and whenever they have a connection - Can be more productive on-the-go whenever you can connect to the Internet
What's a big advantage of Broadband over Dial-Up Internet connections? It's faster and allows you to use an internet connection and a land-line to call from at the same time
What is a web crawler/web spider? A software tool that searched through the Internet and storing information in an "index"
What is the name of a custom search using a search engine using words like "AND", "OR" and "NOT" in searches A Boolean search
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