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State: Alabama Abbreviation: AL Montgomery
State: Alaska Abbreviation: AK Juneau
State: Arizona Abbreviation: AZ Phoenix
State: Arkansas Abbreviation: AR Little Rock
State: California Abbreviation: CA Sacramento
State: Colorado Abbreviation: CO Denver
State: Connecticut Abbreviation: CT Hartford
State: Delaware Abbreviation: DE Dover
State: District of Columbia Abbreviation: DC District of Columbia (Washington, D.C.) is the capital city of the USA
State: Florida Abbreviation: FL Tallahassee
State: Georgia Abbreviation: GA Atlanta
State: Hawaii Abbreviation: HI Honolulu
State: Idaho Abbreviation: ID Boise
State: Illinois Abbreviation: IL Springfield
State: Indiana Abbreviation: IN Indianapolis
State: Iowa Abbreviation: IA Des Moines
State: Kansas Abbreviation: KS Topeka
State: Kentucky Abbreviation: KY Frankfort
State: Louisiana Abbreviation: LA Baton Rouge
State: Maine Abbreviation: ME Augusta
State: Maryland Abbreviation: MD Annapolis
State: Massachusetts Abbreviation: MA Boston
State: Michigan Abbreviation: MI Lansing
State: Minnesota Abbreviation: MN St. Paul
State: Mississippi Abbreviation: MS Jackson
State: Missouri Abbreviation: MO Jefferson City
State: Montana Abbreviation: MT Helena
State: Nebraska Abbreviation: NE Lincoln
State: Nevada Abbreviation: NV Carson City
State: New Hampshire Abbreviation: NH Concord
State: New Jersey Abbreviation: NJ Trenton
State: New Mexico Abbreviation: NM Santa Fe
State: New York Abbreviation: NY Albany
State: North Carolina Abbreviation: NC Raleigh
State: North Dakota Abbreviation: ND Bismarck
State: Ohio Abbreviation: OH Columbus
State: Oklahoma Abbreviation: OK Oklahoma City
State: Oregon Abbreviation: OR Salem
State: Pennsylvania Abbreviation: PA Harrisburg
State: Pennsylvania Abbreviation: PA Harrisburg
State: Rhode Island Abbreviation: RI Providence
State: South Carolina Abbreviation: SC Columbia
State: South Dakota Abbreviation: SD Pierre
State: Tennessee Abbreviation: TN Nashville
State: Texas Abbreviation: TX Austin
State: Utah Abbreviation: UT Salt Lake City
State: Vermont Abbreviation: VT Montpelier
State: Virginia Abbreviation: VA Richmond
State: Washington Abbreviation: WA Olympia
State: West Virginia Abbreviation: WV Charleston
State: Wisconsin Abbreviations: WI Madison
State: Wyoming Abbreviation: WY Cheyenne
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