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Hussain Basheer
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Question Answer
Brown+Adipose+Tissue + H E (binary/octet-stream) Brown adipose tissue- -H-E
Collagenous+Connective+Tissue +H E (binary/octet-stream) Collagenous connective tissue- H-E
Elastic+Connective+Tissue +By+Van+Gieson (binary/octet-stream) Elastic connective tissue- by Van Gieson
Decalcinated+Bone +By+Schmorll (binary/octet-stream) Decalcinated bone- by Schmorll
Elastic+Cartilage +Orcein (binary/octet-stream) Elastic cartilage- orcein
Hyaline+Cartilage +H E (binary/octet-stream) Hyaline cartilage- H-E
Loose+Connective+Tissue +H E (binary/octet-stream) Loose connective tissue- H-E
Multistratified+Squamous+Keratinizing+Epithelium +H E (binary/octet-stream) Multistratified squamous keratinizing epithelium- H-E
Multistratified+Squamous+Nonkeratinizing+Epithelium +H E (binary/octet-stream) Multistratified squamous nonkeratinizing epithelium- H-E
Pigmentous+Adipose+Tissue +H E (binary/octet-stream) Pigmentous adipose tissue- H-E
Pseudostratified+Columnar+Ciliated+Epithelium +H E (binary/octet-stream) Pseudostratified columnar ciliated epithelium- H-E
Serous,+Mucous+And+Compound+(Mixed)+Acini +H E (binary/octet-stream) Serous, mucous and compound (mixed) acini- H-E
Simple+Cuboidal+Epithelium +H E (binary/octet-stream) Simple cuboidal epithelium- H-E
Simple+Squamous+Epithelium +H E (binary/octet-stream) Simple squamous epithelium- H-E
White+Adipose+Tissue +H E (binary/octet-stream) White adipose tissue- H-E
White+Adipose+Tissue +Sudan+Iii+H (binary/octet-stream) White adipose tissue- Sudan III+H
Simple+Squamous+Epithelium +Silver+Impregnation+(Ag No3) (binary/octet-stream) Simple squamous epithelium- silver impregnation (AgNO3)
Simple+Tubular+Mucous+Epithelium+(Glands) +H E (binary/octet-stream) Simple tubular mucous epithelium (glands)- H-E
Simple+Columnar+Resorbtive+Epitheliumj +H E (binary/octet-stream) Simple columnar resorbtive epitheliumj- H-E
Transitional+Epithelium+Of+Henle +H E (binary/octet-stream) Transitional epithelium of Henle- H-E