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English Language Paper- Questions 1-6 answer structure (A* answers)

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Question 1 Answer Structure Based on this text we find out that.. This is suggested in the line.. The writer is attempting to..
Question 2 Answer Structure The ___ of this piece is significant because.. It links to the piece because.. The effect of this is to..
Question 3 Answer Structure From this piece we can tell that the writer thinks/feels.. This is evident in the line.. This suggests to us that.. The reader's response to this would be..
Question 4 Answer Structure Say which two sources you are going to use and why Deal with source 3- comment on lang features. Deal with your chosen source- comment on lang features Summary on similarities and differences
Question 5 & 6 Answer Structure Opening line.. Point 1 topic sentence Point 1 topic sentence Point 1 topic sentence Point 1 topic sentence Point 1 topic sentence Conlcluding line
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