Language Development

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The basics of child language from birth until 1 year

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Language Development
1 Pre-birth
1.1 baby is used to sound, rhythm and intonation of native language
1.2 recognizes mothers voice
1.3 generally recognizes native language
2 1 day old
2.1 at birth, baby will immediately turn towards the sound of their mothers voice
2.2 knows mothers voice
3 4 days old
3.1 Jacques Mehler (1988)
3.1.1 reseach him!
4 Two weeks old
4.1 the child can begin to distinguish between human and non-human sounds
4.2 caretakers will instinctively encourage patterns of conversations
4.2.1 leaving pauses, using question structures frequently, including baby sounds as dialogue
4.3 turn taking patterns
5 0-2 months
5.1 controlling air flow
5.1.1 babies gradually gain control over their air flow in order to make noises linked with basic physical conditions
5.2 at 6 weeks the voicebox remains disengaged to allow breathing whilst feeding
5.3 by 3 months the voicebox is fixed
5.4 crying is the child's primary means of communication
5.4.1 cries are universally recognized
6 6-8 weeks
6.1 cooing, gurgling, mewing, velar sounds, vowels, interative dialogue
6.2 sounds such as "coo", "goo" & "gaa gaa" begin to appear indicating the child is gaining control over their vocal chords & articulars
6.3 no recognizable patterns
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