Module 6.1: Elements

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Module 6.1: Elements By: Sabaa Khan 8B
Define atoms and what type of microscope it can be seen with. Atoms: Building blocks of every substance on the universe Can only be seen with a scanning tunnelling microscope (STM) Download+(1) (binary/octet-stream)
What is an element? Download (binary/octet-stream) A substance that is just made up of one type of atom.
What are properties? Images+(1) (binary/octet-stream) A unique set of characteristics that scientists refer to while talking to substances.
List the properties of metallic elements: Download+(4) (binary/octet-stream) 1) Lustrous 2) Solid at room temperature 3) Good conductors 4) Malleable 5) Ductile
Give 3 examples of basic metallic elements: 1) Iron 2) Gold 3) Mercury Download+(6) (binary/octet-stream)
What are the basic properties of non-metallic elements? 1) Dull 2) Insulator 3) Brittle
Give 3 examples of non-metallic elements: 1) Iodine 2) Sulfur 3) Neon (Krypton as well for Mariam) Images+(7) (binary/octet-stream)
How many elements are there and how many are natural? 118, 98 are natural and 20 are artificial.
Where are the elements shown and how are they are organised? The periodic table and they are organised according to weight, from lightest to heaviest. Download (binary/octet-stream)
What is a chemical symbol? Give an example: Either a shorter version for the element straight from the element or from their Latin name. Eg. Magnesium = Mg Tungsten = Wolfram = W
What are three ways atoms can exist? 1) Single atoms 2) A cluster of atoms also known a molecules 3) Large grid-like structures called crystal lattices
Define monatomic: An element made up of many individual atoms known as monatomic
Give examples of monatomic elements: Helium (He), Neon (Ne), Argon (Ar), Krypton (Kr), Xexon (Xe), Radon (Rn)
What are molecular elements? Clusters of two or more atoms bonded together. For example N2
What is a crystal lattice? A large grid-like structure that repeats the same arrangement of atoms over and over.
Metallic Lattices: What are they? The atoms in metals form lattice. Its structure makes them dense, solid and strong and can be hammered because it is weakly bonded.
What are non-metallic lattices? Only a few non-metallic forms lattices such as silicon Download+(1) (binary/octet-stream)
Yes, I used the same picture because my media is full and i wasted 1 hour trying to solve it and disclaimer it didn't work... Download (21) (binary/octet-stream) Images+(7) (binary/octet-stream)