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RS: Our World Revision
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Belief in God
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Rs: Our World Revision
Shannon R
R.E. key words for all topics
Question Answer
Numinous an inner feeling of the presence of something greater than yourself e.g.. the church or looking at the stars
Conversion when your life is changed by giving yourself to God
Miracle something which defies all the laws of science and makes you think that only God would be powerful enough to have done it
Prayer an attempt to contact God, usually through words
Agnosticism not being sure whether God exists
Atheism the belief that God does not exist
Moral Evil actions done by humans which cause great suffering
Natural Evil actions which create suffering but have nothing to do with humans e.g.. earthquakes
Omnipotent the belief that God is all powerful
Omni-benevolent the belief that God is all good/kind
Omniscient the belief that God is all-knowing; He knows everything that has and will happen
Free Will the idea that every human being is entitled to make their own decisions/choices