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Question Answer
250px 152 Chikorita (binary/octet-stream) Chikorita; CHIK-or-EE-tuh Grass -> Bayleef
250px 153 Bayleef (binary/octet-stream) Bayleef; BAY-leef Grass -> Meganium
250px 154 Meganium (binary/octet-stream) Meganium; muh-GAY-nee-uhm Grass
250px 155 Cyndaquil (binary/octet-stream) Cyndaquil; SIN-duh-kwil Fire -> Quilava
250px 156 Quilava (binary/octet-stream) Quilava; kwi-LAH-vuh Fire -> Typhlosion
250px 157 Typhlosion (binary/octet-stream) Typhlosion; tye-FLOH-zhun Fire
250px 158 Totodile (binary/octet-stream) Totodile; TOH-tuh-dile Water -> Croconaw
250px 159 Croconaw (binary/octet-stream) Croconaw; KROK-uh-naw Water -> Feraligatr
250px 160 Feraligatr (binary/octet-stream) Feraligatr; fur-AL-ih-gay-tur Water
250px 161 Sentret (binary/octet-stream) Sentret; SEN-trit Normal -> Furret
250px 162 Furret (binary/octet-stream) Furret; FUR-it Normal
250px 163 Hoothoot (binary/octet-stream) Hoothoot; HOOT-hoot Normal Flying -> Noctowl
250px 164 Noctowl (binary/octet-stream) Noctowl; NAHK-towl Normal-Flying
250px 165 Ledyba (binary/octet-stream) Ledyba; LED-ee-buh Bug-Flying -> Ledian
250px 166 Ledian (binary/octet-stream) Ledian; LED-ee-ahn Bug-Flying
250px 167 Spinarak (binary/octet-stream) Spinarak; SPIN-uh-rak Bug-Poison -> Ariados
250px 168 Ariados (binary/octet-stream) Ariados; EHR-ee-uh-dos Bug-Poison
250px 169 Crobat (binary/octet-stream) Crobat; KROH-bat Poison-Flying
250px 170 Chinchou (binary/octet-stream) Chinchou; CHIN-chow Water-Electric -> Lanturn
250px 171 Lanturn (binary/octet-stream) Lanturn; LAN-turn Water-Electric
250px 172 Pichu (binary/octet-stream) Pichu; PEE-choo Electric -> Pikachu
250px 173 Cleffa (binary/octet-stream) Cleffa; CLEH-fuh Fairy -> Clefairy
250px 174 Igglybuff (binary/octet-stream) Igglybuff; IGG-lee-buff Normal-Fairy -> Jigglypuff
250px 175 Togepi (binary/octet-stream) Togepi; TOH-guh-pee Fairy -> Togetic
250px 176 Togetic (binary/octet-stream) Togetic; TOH-guh-tik Fairy-Flying -> Togekiss
250px 177 Natu (binary/octet-stream) Natu; NAH-too Psychic-Flying -> Xatu
250px 178 Xatu (binary/octet-stream) Xatu; ZAH-too Psychic-Flying
250px 179 Mareep (binary/octet-stream) Mareep; muh-REEP Electric -> Flaffy
250px 180 Flaaffy (binary/octet-stream) Flaffy; FLA-fee Electric -> Ampharos
250px 181 Ampharos (binary/octet-stream) Ampharos; AM-fuh-rahs Electric
250px 182 Bellossom (binary/octet-stream) Bellossom; bell-AH-sum Grass
250px 183 Marill (binary/octet-stream) Marill; MEHR-ull Water-Fairy -> Azumarill
250px 184 Azumarill (binary/octet-stream) Azumarill; uh-ZOO-muh-rill Water-Fairy
250px 185 Sudowoodo (binary/octet-stream) Sudowoodo; SOO-doh-WOO-doh Rock
250px 186 Politoed (binary/octet-stream) Politoed; PAHL-ee-tohd Water
250px 187 Hoppip (binary/octet-stream) Hoppip; HOP-ip Grass-Flying -> Skiploom
250px 188 Skiploom (binary/octet-stream) Skiploom; SKIP-loom Grass-Flying -> Jumpluff
250px 189 Jumpluff (binary/octet-stream) Jumpluff; JUMP-luff Grass-Flying
250px 190 Aipom (binary/octet-stream) Aipom; AY-pahm Normal -> Ambipom
250px 191 Sunkern (binary/octet-stream) Sunkern; SUN-kurn Grass -> Sunflora
250px 192 Sunflora (binary/octet-stream) Sunflora; sun-FLOHR-uh Grass
250px 193 Yanma (binary/octet-stream) Yanma; YAN-muh Bug-Flying -> Yanmega
250px 194 Wooper (binary/octet-stream) Whooper; WOO-pur Water-Ground -> Quagmire
250px 195 Quagsire (binary/octet-stream) Quagsire; KWAG-sire Water-Ground
250px 196 Espeon (binary/octet-stream) Espeon; ES-pee-ahn Psychic
250px 197 Umbreon (binary/octet-stream) Umbreon; UM-bree-ahn Dark
250px 198 Murkrow (binary/octet-stream) Murkrow; MURR-kroh Dark-Flying -> Honchkrow
250px 199 Slowking (binary/octet-stream) Slowking; SLOH-king Water-Psychic
250px 200 Misdreavus (binary/octet-stream) Misdreavus; miss-DREE-vis Ghost -> Mismagius
250px 201 Unown (binary/octet-stream) Unown; uh-NOHN Psychic -> A-Z !? (Forms)
250px 202 Wobbuffet (binary/octet-stream) Wobbuffet; WOBB-uh-fet Psychic
250px 203 Girafarig (binary/octet-stream) Girafarig; jer-AF-uh-rig Normal-Psychic
250px 204 Pineco (binary/octet-stream) Pineco; PINE-koh Bug -> Forretress
250px 205 Forretress (binary/octet-stream) Forretress; FOHR-ih-triss Bug-Steel
250px 206 Dunsparce (binary/octet-stream) Dunsparce; DUN-sparce Normal
250px 207 Gligar (binary/octet-stream) Gligar; GLYE-gar Ground-Flying -> Gliscor
250px 208 Steelix (binary/octet-stream) Steelix; STEEL-iks Steel-Ground
250px 209 Snubbull (binary/octet-stream) Snubbulll; SNUH-bull Fairy -> Granbull
250px 210 Granbull (binary/octet-stream) Granbull; GRAN-bull Fairy
250px 211 Qwilfish (binary/octet-stream) Qwilfish; KWIL-fish Water-Poison
250px 212 Scizor (binary/octet-stream) Scizor; SIZ-or Bug-Steel
250px 213 Shuckle (binary/octet-stream) Shuckle; SHUCK-uhl Bug-Rock
250px 214 Heracross (binary/octet-stream) Heracross; HEHR-uh-cross Bug-Fighting
250px 215 Sneasel (binary/octet-stream) Sneasel; SNEE-zull Dark-Ice -> Weavile
250px 216 Teddiursa (binary/octet-stream) Teddiursa; ted-ee-UR-suh Normal -> Ursaring
250px 217 Ursaring (binary/octet-stream) Ursaring; UR-suh-ring Normal
250px 218 Slugma (binary/octet-stream) Slugma; SLUG-muh Fire -> Magcargo
250px 219 Magcargo (binary/octet-stream) Magcargo; mag-KAR-goh Fire-Rock
250px 220 Swinub (binary/octet-stream) Swinub; SWYE-nub Ice-Ground -> Piloswine
250px 221 Piloswine (binary/octet-stream) Piloswine; PYE-loh-swine Ice-Ground -> Mamoswine
250px 222 Corsola (binary/octet-stream) Corsola; KOR-suh-luh Water-Rock
250px 223 Remoraid (binary/octet-stream) Remoraid; REM-or-aid Water -> Octillery
250px 224 Octillery (binary/octet-stream) Octillery; ahk-TILL-er-ee Water
250px 225 Delibird (binary/octet-stream) Delibird; DELL-ee-bird Ice-Flying
250px 226 Mantine (binary/octet-stream) Mantine; MAN-teen Water-Flying
250px 227 Skarmory (binary/octet-stream) Skarmory; SKAR-muh-ree Steel-Flying
250px 228 Houndour (binary/octet-stream) Houndour; HOUN-dow-er Dark-Fire -> Houndoom
250px 229 Houndoom (binary/octet-stream) Houndoom; HOUN-doom Dark-Fire
250px 230 Kingdra (binary/octet-stream) Kingdra; KING-druh Water-Dragon
250px 231 Phanpy (binary/octet-stream) Phanpy; FAN-pee Ground -> Donphan
250px 232 Donphan (binary/octet-stream) Donphan; DON-fan Ground
250px 233 Porygon2 (binary/octet-stream) Porygon2; POR-ee-gahn-TOO Normal -> Porygon-Z
250px 234 Stantler (binary/octet-stream) Stantler; STANT-ler Normal
250px 235 Smeargle (binary/octet-stream) Smeargle; SMEER-gull Normal
250px 236 Tyrogue (binary/octet-stream) Tyrogue; TYE-rohg Fighting -> Hitmonlee -> Hitmonchan -> Hitmontop
250px 237 Hitmontop (binary/octet-stream) Hitmontop; HIT-mahn-tahp Fighting
250px 238 Smoochum (binary/octet-stream) Smoochum; SMOO-chum Ice-Psychic -> Jynx
250px 239 Elekid (binary/octet-stream) Elekid; EL-uh-kid Electric -> Electabuzz
250px 240 Magby (binary/octet-stream) Magby; MAG-bee Fire -> Magmar
250px 241 Miltank (binary/octet-stream) Miltank; MILL-tank Normal
250px 242 Blissey (binary/octet-stream) Blissey; BLISS-ee Normal -> Chansey
250px 243 Raikou (binary/octet-stream) Raikou; RYE-koh Electric
250px 244 Entei (binary/octet-stream) Entei; EN-tay Fire
250px 245 Suicune (binary/octet-stream) Suicune; SWEE-koon Water
250px 246 Larvitar (binary/octet-stream) Larvitar; LAR-vih-tar Rock-Ground -> Pupitar
250px 247 Pupitar (binary/octet-stream) Pupitar; PYOO-pih-tar Rock-Ground -> Tyranitar
250px 248 Tyranitar (binary/octet-stream) Tyranitar; tye-RAN-ih-tar Rock-Dark
250px 249 Lugia (binary/octet-stream) Lugia; LOO-gee-uh Psychic-Flying
250px 250 Ho Oh (binary/octet-stream) Ho-oh; HO-oh Fire-Flying
250px 251 Celebi (binary/octet-stream) Celebi; SEL-uh-bee Psychic-Grass