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Amendment When you add something to a document or a bill.
Assimilate To add something or to become part of.
Bias A personal hate or a personal opinion.
Bicameral Two or more different branch's in the legislative branch
Blockade To stop people from entering or exiting a certain place.
Boomtown a town or city that has grown really fast
Capitalism A completive society that thrives off of competition.
Captain of Industry Men during the gilded age who help make business and society what it is today.
Checks and Balances 6fae018c-b614-4ddb-a6f6-d9bbe2d63726.jpg (image/jpg) The balance of power in the government so no one branch is to powerful.
Congress b5a0b57a-3900-4b6a-95fb-ca29667555b8.gif (image/gif) The legislative part of the government they make new laws and is made up of the Senate and The House of Representatives.
Due process of law All citizens are allowed to have their rights and they can't be taken away.
economics Social science of finance and the different parts of money.
Emancepated To be free from something.
enfranchise To let people vote.
enumerated To have a number
Federalism How the government gives power to the lower parts.
Forty-niners When people started to arrive in San Fransisco for the gold rush.
Free Enterprise anyone can start or run a business.
Habeas Corpus The right to a trial.
industry the creation of something or the building of something.
Judicial The branch of the government that interprets laws.
Ku Klux Klan A group from reconstruction that believed in white supremacy.
Manifest Destiny 627f83e9-52fa-49d6-ad7a-01cc0d4b94f8.jpeg (image/jpeg) The belief that americans should settle from the east to the west.
Martyr Someone who dies for a religious cause.
Monopoly To have complete control of something.
Nomatic Does not live in one place people who follow their food source.
Override To stop someone from stopping something.
Popular Sovereignty Were the government is supported by the people.
Ratify To give your permission.
Radical When someone supports something to the extreme.
Republicanism were the leaders are chosen by the people.
Robber Baron Business men who only cared about how much money they make.
Rural Somewhere out in the country.
Separation of powers Each branch of the government has their own duties.
Social Darwinism Were survival of the fittest is applied to the business world.
Sufferage A group of people trying to get rights.
supreme court 4843d991-3f46-406f-8c6f-af3628a72006.jpeg (image/jpeg) The highest court that interprets laws to see if there constitutional.
Tariff a tax paid for imports and exports.
Taxation without representation What happened to the american colonist when they were taxed by the British when they had no representation in government.
Trade union Groups formed in businesses for the rights of employees.
Urban When you are located in a city.
Veto To reject or stop.
Thomas Jefferson 4ec85d46-63d0-4b0f-aa10-523ca92eb98f.jpeg (image/jpeg) The third president of the united states writer of the declaration of independence.
Andrew Jackson 5411d42d-f871-4347-9d31-82c7fdde4a36.jpeg (image/jpeg) The seventh president and the man who issued the indian removal act.
Sacagawea 1138162f-d8db-4301-bd8a-66909fabc94e.jpg (image/jpg) The guide and translator for Lewis & Clark.
James Polk 78c42738-9171-4db5-b05c-15f9cd3c8465.jpeg (image/jpeg) The eleventh president and the man who acquired the most land for the U.S.A.
Frederick Douglass b78b9cf1-d975-4744-aa3d-c9afea61bd01.jpg (image/jpg) A abolitionist and the author of the narrative of Fredrick Douglass.
Harriet Beecher Stowe 128c6b7a-5196-4e3d-9033-fddab05f6d2f.jpeg (image/jpeg) A abolitionist and the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin.
John Brown 0dde018b-6034-4da6-b5ac-5697a85ca9bc.jpg (image/jpg) A extremist from bleeding Kansas who tried to raid a military outpost in Virginia.
Robert E. Lee 39bb8d51-3d3e-465b-934d-67a523130814.jpg (image/jpg) The leader of the army of Virginia during the Civil war.
Andrew Johnson c297e995-959c-40fb-943d-f4c69da24f97.jpeg (image/jpeg) The seventeenth president also known as the veto president because of how many laws he vetoed.
Susan B. Anthony 9136126b-ec91-4364-adb2-929c37141218.jpg (image/jpg) The Leader of the woman's suffrage movement.
Sitting Bull a955ea1c-7964-4e54-856f-0d9a9c182e4c.jpeg (image/jpeg) A medicine man and later chief who lead the Lakota tribe who was against assimilation.
George Cluster f1160580-18ae-4b01-9aa3-dde530ed951f.jpg (image/jpg) A Colonial who attacked the free Lakota tribe and was beaten.
Cornelius Vanderbilt 8ac255a8-ee7f-4e4a-8ab3-e02f164f1d4f.jpeg (image/jpeg) A millionaire from the gilded age that made money off of the railroads.
John Rockefeller af25abc2-79e2-48d0-8a7b-fd127417d379.jpeg (image/jpeg) A Billionaire from the gilded age who had a monopoly on oil.
Andrew Carnegie cf17ed24-d872-4eaa-84eb-92b939fd1e53.jpeg (image/jpeg) A millionaire from the gilded age that found a way to create steal cheaply.
Jamestown 6eb73f1b-d110-439c-b5d9-bc66822805e8.jpg (image/jpg) The first permanent english settlement in the Americas.
Plymouth 4d071a8a-4165-4a78-bbbf-78ce8e4f37d7.jpeg (image/jpeg) A religious Colony that was in Massachusetts.
Lexington and Concord 7c13ee0f-4122-4e95-877d-9e034aff51e4.jpg (image/jpg) The first two battles of the revolutionary war when Redcoats tried to confiscate guns from settlers.
Erie Canal 8b12be67-08e0-4499-836d-c66cc7414c61.jpeg (image/jpeg) A handmade Canal used to transfer things from Chicago to New York.
The Alamo 2ef53c91-10e7-4326-b65d-2392a48224ca.jpeg (image/jpeg) When settlers of Texas fought the Spanish that controlled Texas at the time.
Harper"s Ferry 8700ec9c-7271-4706-a41b-3b79d76cd7c4.jpg (image/jpg) When John Brown Attempted a slave uprising by taking guns from the military base.
Fort Sumter e018b365-f1a2-43db-8b4c-b6626147717a.jpg (image/jpg) Where the first shots of the civil war took place.
Gettysburg b32b2fce-7992-4bf1-9847-c601983e20b2.jpeg (image/jpeg) The turing point of the war the bloodiest battle of the war.
Appomattox Courthouse 0defc71f-aec4-4c5f-b98b-b6d603935e5e.jpeg (image/jpeg) Were general Lee surrendered to the North.
Ford's Theater 06d513b5-5b17-4e68-8dbb-3b2e66801e46.jpeg (image/jpeg) Were President Lincoln was killed by Booth.
Promontory point, Utah 20c33a53-9dac-44c1-bae8-8cc27bd1db98.jpeg (image/jpeg) This was the decided point for the international railroad would meet
Ellis Island and angel island a21b21c7-3e41-4f7d-a564-bd29e526ba37.jpeg (image/jpeg) Were immigrants came to become american citizens.
Declaration of independence A letter we sent Britten that we were becoming are own country.
Revolutionary war This war was fought because the British wanted us to still be apart of them.
Articles of Confederation The first constitution this was barely enforced and lasted a short amount of time.
Passing the Constatution It was decided that the constitution would be the rights of the government while a bill of rights would be written.
Great compromise The merging of the New Jersey plan and the Virginia plan.
Adding the bill of rights The bill includes the rights of the people which there are ten.
Louisiana Purchase abe8893d-4b93-4615-a019-e54cbfa4b8b7.jpg (image/jpg) A large amount of French land purchased by Tomas Jefferson.
Missouri Compromise a8784026-522f-4b02-8556-800dc3677dd7.jpg (image/jpg) Where the states decided how to split between free and slave states.
Indian Removal Acts These were acts enacted by Andrew Jackson to move tribes off of colony soil.
Mexican-American War The war where american settlers wanted the gold and resources in Mexican territory.
California gold rush When gold was found in California large amounts of people moved for the opportunity.
Homestead act Where the government offered free land in the midwest as long as you lived on it for two years.
Industrial Revolution When machines and technology started to rapidly evolve.
Underground Railroad A group that tried to help free slaves.
Seneca falls convention This is where the first meeting for the woman suffrage movement took place.
Compromise of 1850 were California was a free state but New Mexico and Arizona got to chose.
Kansas- Nebraska act were these two states got to chose which side they would support.
Dred Scott v. Sanford Where Scott went to court to protest to being a slave in a free state where the court declared that he and all other blacks were property.
Fugitive slave act Where any cop could deputize a citizen to catch a runaway.
Bleeding Kansas The events that happened to decide what stance Kansas would take.
Civil War A war between the North and South over stances on slavery.
Emancipation Proclomation When Lincoln declare that all slaves in areas of rebellion were forever free.
Civil war draft riots Were poorer citizens raged through the streets when richer people got out of the war.
Gettysburg Address 81384a10-9c91-470d-9ded-a390681c7fec.jpeg (image/jpeg) The speech that Lincoln gave after the battle of Gettysburg.
Reconstruction The period after the civil war were they were trying to rebuild the country.
Civil war amendments These were amendments that were made to help freed slaves.
Completion of Trans-Continental Railroad 7109b2a2-7dbc-49e0-bc60-507dede43218.jpg (image/jpg) In Promontory point in Utah they connected the tracks that let americans ride the train from the East to the West.
Indian Wars When the tribes would rebel against assimilation and attack federal troops.
Gilded age When the business world boomed and the first monopolies formed.
Populist Party A political group formed in Kansas to represent the common man.
Plessy v. Ferguson when separate but equal was made meaning the races could be separate but they had to have equal quality.