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Question Answer
250px 650 Chespin (binary/octet-stream) Chespin; CHESS-pin Grass -> Quilladin
250px 651 Quilladin (binary/octet-stream) Quilladin; QUILL-uh-din Grass -> Chesnaught
250px 652 Chesnaught (binary/octet-stream) Chesnaught; CHESS-naht Grass-Fighting
250px 653 Fennekin (binary/octet-stream) Fennekin; FEN-uh-kin Fire -> Braixen
250px 654 Braixen (binary/octet-stream) Braixen; BRAYK-sin Fire -> Dephox
250px 655 Delphox (binary/octet-stream) Delphox; DELL-fahks Fire-Psychic
250px 656 Froakie (binary/octet-stream) Froakie; FROH-kee Water -> Frogadier
250px 657 Frogadier (binary/octet-stream) Frogadier; frog-uh-DEER Water -> Geninja
250px 658 Greninja (binary/octet-stream) Greninja; gruh-NIN-juh Water-Dark
250px 659 Bunnelby (binary/octet-stream) Bunnelby; BUNN-uhl-bee Normal -> Biggersby
250px 660 Diggersby (binary/octet-stream) Diggersby; DIG-erz-bee Normal-Ground
250px 661 Fletchling (binary/octet-stream) Fletchling; FLETCH-ling Normal-Flying -> Fletchinder
250px 662 Fletchinder (binary/octet-stream) Fletchinder; FLETCH-in-dur Fire-Flying -> Talonflame
250px 663 Talonflame (binary/octet-stream) Talonflame; TAL-in-flame Fire-Flying
250px 664 Scatterbug (binary/octet-stream) Scatterbug; SKAT-ur-bug Bug -> Spewa
250px 665 Spewpa (binary/octet-stream) Spewpa; SPYOO-puh Bug -> Vivillon
250px 666 Vivillon (binary/octet-stream) Vivillon; VIH-vee-yahn Bug-Flying
250px 667 Litleo (binary/octet-stream) Litleo; LIT-lee-oh Fire-Normal -> Pyroar
250px 668 Pyroar (binary/octet-stream) Pyroar; PYE-rohr Fire-Normal
250px 669 Flabébé (binary/octet-stream) Flabébé; fluh-BAY-bay Fairy -> Floette -> Yellow-Orange-Blue-White (Forms)
250px 670 Floette (binary/octet-stream) Floette; floh-ETT Fairy -> Florges -> Yellow-Orange-Blue-White (Forms)
250px 671 Florges (binary/octet-stream) Florges; FLOHR-jiss Fairy -> Yellow-Orange-Blue-White
250px 672 Skiddo (binary/octet-stream) Skiddo; SKID-oh Grass -> Gogoat
250px 673 Gogoat (binary/octet-stream) Gogoat; GOH-goht Grass
250px 674 Pancham (binary/octet-stream) Pancham; PAN-chum Fighting -> Pangoro
250px 675 Pangoro (binary/octet-stream) Pangoro; PANG-gur-oh Fighting-Dark
250px 676 Furfrou (binary/octet-stream) Furfrou; FUR-froo Normal
250px 677 Espurr (binary/octet-stream) Espurr; ESS-purr Psychic -> Meowstic
250px 678 Meowstic (binary/octet-stream) Meowstic; mee-OW-stik Psychic
250px 679 Honedge (binary/octet-stream) Honedge; HOHN-ej Steel-Ghost -> Doublade
250px 680 Doublade (binary/octet-stream) Doublade; DUH-blade Steel-Ghost -> Aegislash
250px 681 Aegislash (binary/octet-stream) Aegislash; EE-jih-slash Steel-Ghost
250px 682 Spritzee (binary/octet-stream) Spritzee; SPRIT-see Fairy -> Aromatisse
250px 683 Aromatisse (binary/octet-stream) Aromatisse; uh-ROHM-uh-TEES Fairy
250px 684 Swirlix (binary/octet-stream) Swirlix; SWUR-liks Fairy -> Slurpuff
250px 685 Slurpuff (binary/octet-stream) Slurpuff; SLUR-puff Fairy
250px 686 Inkay (binary/octet-stream) Inkay; INK-ay Dark-Psychic -> Malamar
250px 687 Malamar (binary/octet-stream) Malamar; MAL-uh-mar Dark-Psychic
250px 688 Binacle (binary/octet-stream) Binacle; BYE-nuh-kull Rock-Water -> Barbaracle
250px 689 Barbaracle (binary/octet-stream) Barbaracle; bar-BEHR-uh-kull Rock-Water
250px 690 Skrelp (binary/octet-stream) Skrelp; SKRELP Poison-Water -> Dragalage
250px 691 Dragalge (binary/octet-stream) Dragalage; druh-GAL-jee Poison-Dragon
250px 692 Clauncher (binary/octet-stream) Clauncher; KLAHN-chur Water -> Clawitzer
250px 693 Clawitzer (binary/octet-stream) Clawitzer; KLAH-wit-sur Water
250px 694 Helioptile (binary/octet-stream) Helioptile; HEE-lee-AHP-tile Electric-Normal -> Heliolisk
250px 695 Heliolisk (binary/octet-stream) Heliolisk; HEE-lee-oh-lisk Electric-Normal
250px 696 Tyrunt (binary/octet-stream) Tyrunt; TYE-runt Rock-Dragon -> Tyrantrum
250px 697 Tyrantrum (binary/octet-stream) Tyrantrum; tye-RAN-trum Rock-Dragon
250px 698 Amaura (binary/octet-stream) Amaura; uh-MOHR-uh Rock-Ice -> Aurorus
250px 699 Aurorus (binary/octet-stream) Aurorus; uh-ROHR-is Rock-Ice
250px 700 Sylveon (binary/octet-stream) Sylveon; SILL-vee-ahn Fairy
250px 701 Hawlucha (binary/octet-stream) Hawlucha; haw-LOO-chuh Fighting-Flying
250px 702 Dedenne (binary/octet-stream) Dedenne; deh-DEN-ay Electric-Fairy
250px 703 Carbink (binary/octet-stream) Carbink; KAR-bink Rock-Fairy
250px 704 Goomy (binary/octet-stream) Goomy; GOO-mee Dragon -> Sliggoo
250px 705 Sliggoo (binary/octet-stream) Sliggoo; SLIH-goo Dragon -> Goodra
250px 706 Goodra (binary/octet-stream) Goodra; GOO-druh Dragon
250px 707 Klefki (binary/octet-stream) Klefki; KLEF-kee Steel-Fairy
250px 708 Phantump (binary/octet-stream) Phantump; FAN-tump Ghost-Grass -> Trevenant
250px 709 Trevenant (binary/octet-stream) Trevenant; TREV-uh-nint Ghost-Grass
250px 710 Pumpkaboo (binary/octet-stream) Pumpkaboo; PUMP-kuh-boo Ghost-Grass -> Gourgeist
250px 711 Gourgeist (binary/octet-stream) Gourgeist; GOHR-geist Ghost-Grass
250px 712 Bergmite (binary/octet-stream) Bergmite; BURG-mite Ice -> Avalugg
250px 713 Avalugg (binary/octet-stream) Avalugg; AV-uh-lug Ice
250px 714 Noibat (binary/octet-stream) Noibat; NOY-bat Flying-Dragon -> Noivern
250px 715 Noivern (binary/octet-stream) Noivern; NOY-vurn Flying-Dragon
250px 716 Xerneas (binary/octet-stream) Xerneas; ZURR-nee-us Fairy
250px 717 Yveltal (binary/octet-stream) Yveltal; ee-VELL-tall Dark-Flying
250px 718 Zygarde (binary/octet-stream) Zygarde; ZYE-gard Dragon-Ground
250px 719 Diancie (binary/octet-stream) Diancie; dye-AHN-see Rock-Fairy
250px 720 Hoopa (binary/octet-stream) Hoopa; HOO-puh Psychic-Ghost -> Unbound (Form)
250px 721 Volcanion (binary/octet-stream) Volcanion; vahl-KAYN-ee-un Fire-Water