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Information processing the idea that information is processed through a number of stages.
Input the process of data entry
Encoding the process in which data is changed into another format
Storage the process in which information is held, ready to be used at a later date
retrieval the process in which information is located and taken out of storage
output the process of using data after it has been retrieved.
Accessability problems problems associated with retrieving information in storage
Availability problems problems associated with information no longer being stored
Short-term memory the memory store that has limited capacity and limited duration, and where information becomes conscious.
Long-term memory the memory store that has unlimited capacity and unlimited duration, and where information is permanently stored.
Sensory store the store where all immediate information in briefly held unless it is paid attention to
attention a process that makes people aware of information in the memory.
decat this is the fading of information over time until it is forgotten
capacity this refers to who long information lasts in the memory
displacement a process in which information is "shunted out" of storage by new information, and so become forgotten
Maintenance rehearsal a process that basically involves repeating information so that it stays in storage, either temporarily or permanently.
Shallow processing only coding information based on its physical characteristics
Deep processing coding information by giving it a deeper meaning allowing for you to remember it
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