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Typical behaviour a behaviour which is considered normal, usually because it applies to the majority of people.
Atypical behaviour a behaviour which is considered abnormal, usually because it applies to a minority of people
Phobia An atypical fear response, given the object or situation.
Agrophobia An extreme fear of being in public spaces away from the safety of the home
School phobia an extreme fear of attending and being in school
social phobia an extreme fear of being exposed or embarrassed during social contact
Acrophobia an extreme fear of heights
Arachnophobia an extreme fear of spiders
Behaviourists a group of psychologists who believe that human behaviours are learnt rather than natural
Classical conditioning learning by association, so that certain stimuli are associated with certain responces
unconditioned response (UCR) A response which is natural and does not need to be learnt
unconditioned stimulus (UCS) Something that triggers a natural (unconditioned) responce
Natural stimulus (NS) Something that would not normally trigger a reaction
Conditioned stimulus (CS) Something that triggers a learnt response; something we have been conditioned to respond to
Operant conditioning learning by consequences. If the consequences of an action are rewarding e.g crying and then getting comforted, we'd learn to do it again. However, if the consequences are negative, we tend to not repeat the action.
Evolutionary theory the theory that animals have evolved over time and instinctively behave in ways that allow them to survive and reproduce.
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