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Dread Fearful expectation or anticipation
Dank Unpleasantly cool and humid
Palpable A feeling so intense that could be tangible
Jagged Having a sharply uneven surface or outline
Dense Hard to pass through because of thick growth
Lacerate Tear or make deep cuts (in flesh or skin)
Bleak 1. (Of an area or land) lacking vegetation and exposed to elements. 2. (Of a building or room) charmless, dreary 3. (Of the weather’s) cold and miserable.
Palatial Relating to or being a palace
Chateau A large French country house or castle
Bluff A high steep bank
Menacing Suggesting the presence of danger, threatening, foreshadowing evil, tragic developments
Cultivated No longer in the natural state, developed by human care and for human use, refined and well educated
Aristocrat A member of aristocracy
Medieval Relating or belonging to the Middle Ages
Feudal Of or relating to feudalism
Refectory A room used for communal meals in an educational or religious institution
Modesty Formality and propriety of manner, the quality or state of being unassuming in the estimation of one’s abilities
Ardent Very enthusiastic or passionate
Cavalry Troops trained to fight on horseback, soldiers who fought on horseback
Debacle A sudden and violent collapse
Imprudent Not showing care for the consequences of an action, rash
Analytical Skilled in using analysis
Doggedly With obstinate determination
Vitality The state of being strong and active, energetic
Extremity The furthest point or limit of something
Muffle Wrap or cover up ( a source of the sound or noise) to reduce its loudness
Mystify Be a mystery or bewildering to
Recede Pull back or move away, retreat
Surmount 1. Overcome (a difficulty or obstacle) 2. Stand or be placed on top of
Bewilderment A feeling of being confused or perplexed
Grisly Shockingly repellent, inspiring horror, causing horror and or disgust
Puritan A member of a group of English Protestants who advocated fro the simplification and regulation of forms of worship
Scruples A feeling of doubt or hesitation with regard to the morality or propriety of a course of an action
Barbarous Primitive and uncivilized
Elude Escape, either physically or mentally
Invariably Without variation or change, in every case
Braggart A person who boasts about their achievements or possessions
Grotesque Distorted and unnatural in shape or size; abnormal and hideous
Stealthy Behaving or done in a cautious manner, as not to be seen or heard
Sallow Unhealthy looking
Solicitous Full of anxiety and concern
Ennui The feeling of being bored by something tedious
Thicket A dense growth of bushes
Venerable Profoundly honoured
Futile Useless, producing no results or effect
Intricate Very complicated or detailed
Zealous Having or showing a great enthusiasm or energy
Apprehensive Anxious or fearful that something bad or unpleasant will happen
Tapestry A wall hanging of heavy handwoven fabric with pictorial designs
Pungent Strong and sharp
Uncanny Strange, or mysterious, especially in an unsettling way
Precariously In a way that is not securely in position and is likely to fall or collapse
Protruding Extending out above or beyond the surface or boundary
Mocking Abusing vocally; expressing contempt or ridicule
Placid Not easily irritated, calm
Cower Show submission or fear