Eye Anatomy

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CILIARY MUSCLE A muscle attached to the lens that causes the iris to change its shape. -puts image to retina -focuses light
RETINA The sensory receptor for the eye. It contains rods (black and white) and cones (color) -shows color -peels off if pressure decreases (retinal detachment)
PUPIL Regulates the amount of light that comes into the eye. -controlled by the iris -hole
IRIS The 'colored part' of the eye. It is the muscle that controls the diameter of the pupil. -color based on genes -dilated = open, constricted = closed
LENS Transparent structure that bends light as it passes through. Its job is to direct the image towards the retina. -directs image
SCLERA The outer part of the eye that gives it its shape. -outer layer -provides protection -sensory organ
OPTIC NERVE Carries impulses from the retina to the cerebrum. -sensory receptor -communication -connects to brain
VITREOUS HUMOR The fluid in the inner eye. It provides pressure for the eye and a medium for light. -deteriorates over time, causing retinal detachment -98-99% water
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