Art in the Age of Enlightenment

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Chapter 23 Works to Know. Art History II - Art 202 for Brigham Young University - Idaho

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Art in the Age of the Enlightenment (1750-1800) Characteristics of Neoclassical: Planarity Linearity Tight Brushwork Evenlighting Sculptural Forms Classical Figures Dress and Themes Serious Moralistic Subjects Austerity - strict, held back (no decorations, stark backgrounds) Nationalism expressed through patriotism
Parnassus (binary/octet-stream) Anton Raphael Mengs Parnassus 1761 Villa Albani, Rome
Cornielia+Presenting+Her+Children (binary/octet-stream) Angelica Kauffman Cornielia Presenting Her Children as Her Treasures 1785
The+Death+Of+General+Wolfe (binary/octet-stream) Benjamin West The Death of General Wolfe 1770
The+Village+Bride (binary/octet-stream) Jean-Baptiste Greuze The Village Bride, or The Marriage 1761
Voltaire+Seated (binary/octet-stream) Jean-Antoine Houdon Voltaire Seated 1781
The+Oath+Of+The+Horatii (binary/octet-stream) Jacques-Louis David The Oath of the Horatii 1784
The+Death+Of+Marat (binary/octet-stream) Jacques-Louis David The Death of Marat 1793
Self Portrait+With+Daughter (binary/octet-stream) Vigee-Lebrun Self-portrait with Daughter 1789
Romanticism Characteristics: Fascination with ~ Power of nature, sublime Exoticism Supernatural Violence/Horrific themes Nationalism Longing for the past Intense emotion, passion
The+Nightmare (binary/octet-stream) John Henry Fuseli The Nightmare 1781
Thor+Battering+The+Midgard+Serpent (binary/octet-stream) John Henry Fuseli Thor Battering the Midgard Serpent 1790
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